Anyone using external controller to play the Tracker mini

Okay, so this is definitely a bug if it works initially on the Tracker and then stops. Anyone know if it’s been raised as a bug?

It looks like after some notes have been entered, for reasons unknown the sequencer skips to the next track to continue note entry. When just one single track has been selected in record mode, it just skips away after a while and no further notes are added to this track.

You can also manually skip to the next track in record mode, and continue note entry. After a while, it again stops entering notes in that track.

I don’t believe this has been raised as a bug yet.

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I would like to to us a usb-c to usb-b cable nothing else.

I have many tools which work.

I am interest in the first video @Wolfshoek the is a usb-c cable going out the tracker to midi din out on the arturia. is there anything between ?

The USB-C you see there is just for powering the tracker, the DIN MIDI from the Arturia is going into the TRS MIDI on the tracker.

I just picked up a Tracker Mini, and I’m using this setup to connect a portable USB MIDI (class compliant) keyboard:

This device is a Kenton USB MIDI host. It provides power to the USB keyboard, and connects directly to OG MIDI cables. The direct connection you tried above won’t work because neither device is a USB host; USB is an inherently asymmetric protocol, unlike FireWire or Thunderbolt.

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Retrokit rk006 is also a good way.


I have now raised this as a bug :beetle:.

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I’ll vouch for the RK006 as well! It is amazing in so many different scenarios! If you have two devices that aren’t USB MIDI Hosts but want to connect them, this is one way. I used my RK006 to send MIDI from an OP-1 Field’s USB C port out to the RK006, then a TRS cable into my Dirtywave M8. BUT, as the PETM is TRS Midi type B, this scenario would also require an adapter to go from TRS MIDI A to B, as the RK006 is TRS MIDI A.


I’m using a Roland J-6 (a powerhouse for chords, arpegiator and strum patterns) with a midi type A/B crossover cable and it works really well :slight_smile:

Could I use a Critter and Guitari Organelle or Pocket Piano as a controller? They are battery powered and have midi out. I think I would only need a A/B converter.

Any controller that does normal MIDI (non-USB MIDI) should work without issues.
As you state though, you will need a TRS A/B Converter in this particular case, since the Organelle uses TRS-A and Polyend products use TRS-B.

options maybe;

some have trs A midi, but seller is a helpful guy, i think he might put trs B in it if you would ask.
usb c could be powered by a powerbank?

would be so nice to have a small midikeyboard on batteries

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This is an interesting little controller as well:

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only batterypowered one i have found, but wouldnt know if it will work. it’s usb c

Just want to drop in here that this project is far from dead. While there’s a good bit to figure out, we are quickly moving towards some alpha units and it’s pretty cool… :slight_smile:


The OMX project is pretty cool … having all flexibility of an open source project but unfortunately it’s not velocity sensitive due to the nature of mechanical switches.


I have an Arturia Keystep 37, although small… it’s not really portable.

I’m thinking about getting the SMK-25 from Aliexpress… it has 25 mini keys, battery and apparently some neat things like Chord mode…

Can’t go wrong for $37… 6.46€ 45% OFF|M vave SMK 25 midi tastatur wiederauf ladbare 25 tasten midi steuerung tastatur instrument mini tragbare usb tastatur midi controller| | - AliExpress

There’s another model with pads and knobs too.

I love the look of the devices this person is selling. Thanks for sharing!

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Anyone used the Korg Volca FM2 with the Mini???

I am sorry, but i think i have a winner.

batteries, midi trs, arp/sequencer, midi cc controller, plus ofcourse a supernice synth

This is the midi implementation chart.

All knobs and sliders send ccs.
Don’t really know if the ccs are editable.
Havent found an editor or anything
According to the chart it sends cc 40-48 with its knobs and sliders
Which coincidently is the performancemode patternselections (41-48)

Arp apparently doesnt send midinotes, :frowning:
Its only used for the soundengine.

Does this work with the Mini?