Anyone using external controller to play the Tracker mini

It should, but havent tested. Its got a comprehensive online editor.
Only thing is trs is A. But the developer is very open to product ideas or mods.

So like this you would need a dongle A>B or solder a jack.
And ofcourse a small powerbank to feed through usb c

Sigh. It’s so frustrating. It’s a portable device. I do not want to have to dangle all these cables and get so much external gear and workarounds to just play my slices. It’s such a big part of my workflow, it defeats the point. Thanks though!

Hopefully Polyend is busy working on the alternate note entry for a future update. I still get frustrated by this daily so I am desperate for a solution other than my phone, even temporary. haha.

Yes i understand.

Just heard form the developer that you can edit the notes in the editor but not change the octave on the device. :face_exhaling:
But hes working on it. Might also add a switch for trs a/b

Whats wrong with the phone then?
I think a nice Touchosc template could be quite elegant.
I have android, so its not working for me.
But could find an old iphone for this maybe.

Set the MIDI to LINE IN in the Config Menu

Exactly the same as this one;

M-WAVE 25 Key Bluetooth USB MIDI Keyboard Controller, Portable and Rechargeable Midi Controller For Mac and PC, Dynamic Keybed Music Production, Smart Chord, Scale Modes, Software Included (Mini)

And this one;

Asmuse 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard, Bluetooth Sensitive Keys MIDI Controller with Assignable Controls, Pitch and Mod Wheels (White)

I’ll admit…It would seem like I’m just more stubborn about this than other people. haha. Using phone apps is fine. It is clunky and feels weird to play (because it’s not tactile) but it more or less does the job for now. But it’s not fun. It’s a hassle. I still can’t wait to not have to worry about this in the future (even if it’s basic) hopefully, haha.

Why in the world some companies stick with type B TRS MIDI when the TRS MIDI standard has been set years ago to A :interrobang:

The only explanation would be the historic choice on the og tracker but in that case, make the polarity switchable.

Quite frustrating indeed for a portable device you want to carry with the less amount of dongles possible.


Hi, I just bought the Swissonic Minikey 25, I have waited for a long week to arrive, and the result is : ITS NOT WORKING.

I also tried the usb midi connection with my phone, Xiaomi note 10 pro, and a bunch of differents midi keyboards and controllers apps but nothing work. (I have activate the midi out mod in the developper mod of the phone)

Anyway, very dispointed with all these “midi connection thru USB”, allmost nothing works.

Only an old and big midi keyboard with the midi adaptator have worked for me, but the goal of having the tracker mini is to make music anywhere so big midi keyboard makes no sense for me.

See you guys

Ah that sucks man. Im sorry, i was just shooting possible subjects.

Its probably because the Mini starts to charge the kb and the android. Only way might be to have a battery operated kb with trs midi or an iphone. Dont know how people use the Akai kb with hit?

Btw read somewhere the cheap kbs have the sustainport double as a midi output, but would be quite weird.

This might help some of you. It is a midi host box with a TRS type a/b switch, so you can contol your TM with passive midi controllers:

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I discovered Arturia Microfreak is a very good controller for the Tracker mini.

Also happens to be TRS type B so you connect it just with a standard mini-jack cable.

It has poly after-touch, arp, sequencer with probability and groove.

It also has CC but I would love to be able to map them properly.

For more compact : NTS1-mk2 or NTS-3 send MIDI note/CC.