The Tracker is not dead. 1.7 is coming soon

I think this is it. It’s very easy now to get lost in long patterns and this is the solution to maintain focus on the area you’re working. :clap:

Thanks for new update Tracker :star_struck:


Amazing news, thank you.
Can you update EQ as well? I can live without other effects but I am missing nice offline EQ a lot.
I believe it would help to produce much better sounding tracks…


Eq and also compression, that doesn’t work at all for me (1.6)

Yes, I can’t perform live with the tracker for this reason.


I sincerely dont understand you guys!

Do you know how important is to have all in sync to mix in daw or working with other hardware and synths?
So why and i repeat WHY dont make a fast ONLY SYNC FIX and then add the rest?
Is from long time that you know about the sync problem, sorry but i cant understand this move!

At least please make a fix for the sync…PLEASE, do you know how many customers will be happy about it?



Here’s hoping the delay gets a low pass and high pass filter (maybe dj style so both at once?)

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For everyone asking about the EQ/Compressor - These do technically work but are more subtle than you might be used to. We’ll be beefing them up so changes you make will be audible.


I have great success with both. I really don’t see how someone could say the eq is not working. Seem to work without any question for me (on 1.6). Regarding the compressor, when side-chaining my issue is sometimes too much compression and not enough way to pull the audio back up. No complaints but just an interesting aside.

@dan.apeks just a collateral comment. The bug has been fixed and now everyone can see all the declined wishes.

I personally hope this contributes a little bit to update the conversations (not here, in other places) about Polyend’s transparency. Compared to its competitors and the default expectations in the music industry, I think Backstage is a very good example of communication and collaboration (within limits, sure). Then again, I’m biased. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! I am really happy Tracker support and development is alive given its age. Cannot wait for the new stuff in 1.7 :slight_smile:


Brill thank you @icaria36 - much appreciated. Love the Backstage community, a vast improvement on the GitHub, agree with you re: Polyend too!


Hey @mitch. I am planning a tutorial atm for single cycle waveform and mixing it with the wavetable smoother to create some funky sounds. I am trying to figure out if i should hold off making this one for the 1.7 release? or do some magic in the mean time to mimic what the zero crossing indicator will look like?

Check out my wish on draft wishes. Splitting stereo tracks into separate mono tracks, choosing which channel to import.
If we get enough votes, maybe polyend will implement this.

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Just to save people clicks, that is Import stereo samples as 2 mono samples (still in draft, to be reviewed by Polyend).

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me: “i hope this doesn’t get rid of some of the essential glitches and clicks in my dubtechno and idm-ish tracks”
also me: “I suppose I’d be pushing it to ask for a “don’t remove clicks” option”


Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

Never thought Tracker would be dead - it’s too popular! Looking forward to your releases and hopefully making nice tutorials on it!


Can we get line start at 00, without hexadecimal? Like OctaMed & Protracker on the Amiga?

Every 4th note landing on an odd number makes no sense to me!

I have the OG and mini on pre order! Can’t wait


Hi @chris.silcock and anyone else interested, please complete this draft for the #wishlist: Line start at 00.