The Tracker is not dead. 1.7 is coming soon

Wanted to address some rumors and questions about the OG tracker being abandoned. It has not been. Firmware 1.7 will be ready in a few months. We’ve been working on this one a long time. Here is what the OG tracker will receive:

  • Redesigned audio path (no more clicks and more headroom) ***there are still edge cases where clicks will occur but these have been minimized.
  • redesigned midi path (increased clock stability with less jitter)
  • improved file mgmt
  • small UI improvements
  • new saturation master effect
  • preview volume control
  • sample recording metronome
  • zero crossing indicator
  • new function: add empty slot
  • new view: revolver view
  • improved reverb and delay algorithms
  • lots and lots of minor bug fixes and improvements

t h a n k s
this post made me buzzing from excitement


Can’t wait!

I’ve never used it myself, but many have commented on other forums about the EQ sample editor effect not working. Any idea if that is on the list as well?


Great! There will be a beta testing release? Thanks!


Yessssss, great news, thank you!!

Great news! No more clicks and many other things, can’t wait. thanks to the dev team!

Intrigued. :slight_smile:

Hurrah, been hoping for this!


Jokes aside. Thankyou for crossing over zero. I’m happy.
When do you need a tester?


This is great to hear @Mitch !

These three in particular I am most excited about.


what is revolver view? :face_with_peeking_eye:


Super excited about this, thanks for keeping us in the loop @Mitch!

Just a thought from me - be helpful to know if wishlist items people are voting are in v1.7 or on a future roadmap, or impossible.

I think Backstage is way better than GitHub, (great community and way easier to keep track of stuff!), but we’re still kind of in the dark from Polyend about what is / isn’t going into future firmwares, and where to place our votes. One of the good things on GitHub is you could see what was being actioned.

Appreciate this might not be possible but be great if was more feedback from PE on some of higher voted requests.

Any thoughts?


Yes, it would be great to know if the wishes will come in future firmware updates. Hope that 1.7 wont be the last… There are very good wishes, for example to loop parts of a pattern… Today I was in a 128 step pattern and edit the steps without looping a serie of steps was a nightmare…


I think revolver view is the quick menu pop-up that you can see in some Tracker Mini videos. (Something like press and hold note (which looks like it brings up an on-screen note view – but when that is up, pressing the buttons below the screen should play a selection of notes directly). Would be good to be able to lock this mode also - maybe double press Note or shift+Note to lock in “note entry/playback” mode.


(((Edit: See Piotr’s message below explaining what this revolver view will be.)))

We’ll see. In UX one image is certainly worth more than a 1000 words. :slight_smile:


Very interested about “redesigned midi path”.
Does it mean true MIDI thru is a thing now?
For now I must use a midi merger for controlling my external synths with a midi keyboard by bypassing the tracker for live play (KB midi out split to the tracker AND the merger, Tracker to the merger, merger to external synth. This way I can enter notes in the tracker AND/OR control my external synths without the tracker swallowing notes, bends and CCs)


I’d love to see midi program change in, I think is essential in a hardware music device. I have 2 trackers and I would like to change the patterns via program change… For me, is essential.


No idea about the roadmap, but Polyend staff is filtering out wishes that they consider not doable, either because of technical limitations incompatibility about their product vision. Check the #declined tag. This means that wishes that pass the filter do have a chance of being implemented.


Placing our votes is a matter of cause, not consequence. :slight_smile: Just go to the #wishlist and vote the features you like the most. That’s the point of the community wishlist, to offer Polyend one source of information (among the several they have) to help them define their roadmap.

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