The Tracker is not dead. 1.7 is coming soon

would you mind explaining this? i dont understand how there was an effect on an audio workstation that was designed to be so subtle that it had no perceptible audible effect, especially when the UI displays changes of plus or minus 12db.


Actually I’d also don’t worry too much about some clicks and pops or subtle EQ,Comp work.
I’d better prefer to have per channel reverb/delay fx and more algorithm of those.
I think it’s most thing I like to add to.
This and possibility to have fixed screens in pattern: like scrolling by click 16 lines, next 16 lines, next… etc.
It would be way easier to find some fragment in pattern and work in some pattern part.


Thanks very excited for this. Im a big fan of the OG tracker , im intrigued by the mini but cant do without the jog wheel.
Joined to share ideas , bug , improvements ive either come across or experienced.

  • ive noticed a crackle auditioning all samples in my sample library , anyone else experience this?
  • sometimes affecting a filter on one sample slot can also sometimes adjust the same on another.

Through using the tracker one feature i think would be a great benefit is to be able to place a cursor at a point in the pattern page and play that section (highlighted) only. for longer patterns when making detailed rhythms it might help to not have to keep pressing shift play and relocating to the desired position. Say for instance you are working on steps 64 - 72 of a 128 step pattern.

Thanks Polyend.

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Hey welcome to the Polyend community kingstogie! I agree with you on the mini that it is the one thing holding me back… yet still puts me on the fence to pre-order.

I’ve never experienced the crackle you mention. Care to explain more or give more details as to what you call “crackling”? I don’t recall anyone up to this point having a similar issue, so it’s indeed curious.

For your second point, I’m not sure what you mean by “sample slot”. Are you referring to different Instruments?

I love your idea for the pattern selection. The ability to shift and highlight a couple of patterns and loop through that selection is an excellent wish in my opinion.

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See Trying to solve the mystery of clicking/popping on the Tracker

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Oh, and this is Looping on parts of a pattern, right? Vote for this wish if you want to see it implemented.

And a suggestion to all newcomers: check the Wishlist and vote for your preferred features. Everyone gets 10 votes. :incoming_envelope:

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If the public beta comes , out how do I download them? thanks for the support :blush:

Give them some time everyone :laughing:

They are in between launching a new product and working on firmwares. And last time i checked, there are only X hours a day available. :blush:

Once there is some news… This community will be the first to know.


@marcocampetiello @anon61327920 For beta info, please check other Announcements


Hello !
Thanks for the welcome.
The crackle is on some samples in the auditioning of the SD card sample library. Ive since your message checked and its not all, only some, i think maybe its form my side and they are corrupted somehow. I will try and re save them and see how this works.
With reference to the sample slot absolutely instrument is the correct way to address this . Im not sure how that can happen but it was a glitch i encountered.
Im all for the pattern slection idea… ill look for the correct area to submit this.
Thanks again !

nice one.


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I keep coming back to check on this because I am really stoked. All of the planned improvements sound great- sample recording metronome is one thing that would change my workflow the most. A sample recording loop/pattern playback would be heaven.


Hi, is there any indication about a possible release date? Like weeks or Months? The changelog looks sooo promising!


I could only guess at the exact release time as this is a pretty big update but I would estimate around 2 months.


Oh cool! Thx for the reply! :star_struck:

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for anyone else who was wondering what the deal is with the EQ, a kind member on elektronauts ran tests to show what the EQ is doing. very narrow and specific bands, but they are doing something.

if only PE took 2 seconds to explain it themselves


I solved this by encoding my samples as 16-bit wav only. any bitrate higher than that makes the sample preview chug, I take it it downsamples to 16 bit when importing, so it starts working again as normal after that


really looking forward to this much needed fw update… and already waiting for the next 1.8 too :smiley: