Looping on parts of a pattern

Looping on a selectable set of steps in the pattern view would be awesome.

What is the problem?

The preview of selected steps only plays once while you sometimes might want to loop a section when you micro edit a pattern. For example, when finetuning the last 16th steps of 128 steps pattern, you edit some steps so you loose your selection, so you have to select again to get a single play of it.

What do you want to achieve?

Looping on a selection could be really useful when focusing on small sections of a long pattern. Besides, temporarily keeping a selection to loop on and having the possibility to edit the steps in this selection could really improve the workflow!

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


Yes, this is a great feature and a problem that happens a lot to me. It would be awesome to loop a range


@here thanks for contributing. The wish is open for voting! :slight_smile:


Thank you @miropoly for reviewing, editing and opening votes on this wish!

It would be nice to have an option to loop a pattern from any point, e.g. from step 16 to 32.
In my opinion this woould even help in playing the Tracker live.

I could not find any workarounds - would love to see that implemented.


Possible workaround (but slowing the workflow)

Copy the section and paste to an empty pattern with the proper amount of steps.
Edit wile looping
Copy and paste black at the right place in the original pattern.

Not ideal, but that’s how I proceed for now.


im all for this feature. Is a like or reply a vote?

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just found the vote button !

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I have a couple of ideas I’d like to propose - how do I create a topic?
Many thanks

@kingstogie Read here: How this Wishlist works

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Many thanks.

I would use this feature to create polyrhythms in a pattern. Really want to use polyrhythms in straightforward way.

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i see what you are thinking. so are you saying to loop not only part of a pattern section (all tracks) but also an isolated track in a pattern , so, each track in a pattern plays different time signatures… as it were? interesting !

Oh that’s an interesting idea, but I fear it wouldn’t be easy to represent each play point on each track within the tracker screen, whereas with the Play you can see the full grid, no?
The wish here is “only” to be able to loop a portion of steps in a pattern for all tracks at the same time, but your idea is really interesting!

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no doubt. im voting for the original wish and submitted something almost identical but this would be a great function / feature as far as i am concerned.

@kingstogie Where can we vote for this? :slight_smile:

Honestly, I’m more interested in this implementation (individual looping per track).
it would offer polymetry to the PT
it’s already possible to do “polyrhythm” but not “polymetry” (different track lengths)
as far as I know…

it wouldn’t be easy to represent each play point on each track within the tracker screen

not so difficult…
just by using a different (more discreet) color than those currently used for step selection (green/red)
for example, a “light grey” would be perfect

for example :
make a normal selection (red or green) on several steps of the same track
press shift+play
the selected part is colored light gray and becomes the new loop for that track

for “light gray” we could use the one of the “monochrome” theme (in settings)
and for those already on the monochrome theme, using the grey of the “Original” theme

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This would speed the workflow up tremendously. Very tiresome waiting for a 128 long pattern to cycle back around just to hear how a few lines sounds together after a quick tweak.

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I don’t know if I should create a new wish for that but its kinda similar, extend the track preview feature in song mode with selection and looping. So you can create and play parts of song live.
I think it would greatly improve the live functionality of the PT

This might be of interest to you. There has been some feverish discussion over here:

Is this something similar?

Hi , Im not sure if i replied but the vote should be at the top of this page?
I opened a topic but then it was directed to here as it seems to fall within the same spec. I like ur idea of it offering Polyrhythm play as @chrisr mentioned below for me it is to increase workflow speed when editing parts of a pattern that are long say a 128 cycle.

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