Import stereo samples as 2 mono samples

On OG Tracker, when importing sample to project, it would be nice if one could choose whether to import it as merged mono, import L channel only, or import R channel only.

What is the problem?

Importing samples that were initially stereo, are merged. But it would be an improvement if I could separate L & R channels into two separate samples on sample import. Right now I am just doing this manually on computer before saving the samples on SD card.

What do you want to achieve?

Have fake stereo samples on OG tracker. On some samples, L & R channels can be considerably different and I would like to choose which channel I want to import, instead of merging it all to one.

Are there any workarounds?

I can manually separate channels on computer and save each sample channel separately, this triples the amount of samples stored on SD card and takes a lot of time.

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?



Nicely done! :muscle: And a great wish.

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i’d really like to see this implemented into tracker. Great wish! Definitely getting my vote.

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I would like to have this in Play! Very useful

We can wait to see what is Polyend’s response for Tracker, and then ask whether the same applies to Play.

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@Radiowaves thanks for the wish! It’s ready for voting… :slight_smile:

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For those of us, who can not wait to see if this will be implemented or not, I made a tool to help split stereo samples quickly. You can do it to whole folders, multiple files or single file, and choose the destination where you want to save the split files.

I could have used existing software like ffempg or something, but rather than learn the command lines, it was easier for me to write my own in Pure Data. Pure Data is free real/time audio programming software, predecessor to MAX. My patch relies heavily on [file] object, so make sure it is the version 0.5 or latest…

It looks like this, simple to use, just 2 or 3 clicks:

To use this program, you need to have latest Pure Data installed, which can be found here:
Pure Data — Pd Community Site

Link to patch is here, it should work in latest vanilla, just open it with Pure Data:

Patchstorage link:
Stereosplitter | Patchstorage

.pd files are essentially just text files that are interpreted by Pure Data, so you can open this with notepad also.


So new firmware is out, this is not in it.
Any chance this will be implemented or is Tracker V1 officially abandoned now?

As Polyend has stated here:

So no, the OG Tracker isn’t dead and yes, there is still a chance that this gets implemented at some point. :blush:

BUT, there are wishes with a lot more votes infront of this feature, it’s up to Polyend to decide what they implement AND when.

Guys, please vote.
This feature would be the only way to use stereo samples without actions/tools outside the tracker.
In Sample Import window there are two keys F4 and F5 without function. Both just perfect for Import Left and Import Right.


I’m still very much hoping for this as it would introduce so much more potential. It would be amazing to see this functionality extended to the sampling and resampling workflows. But at the very least import functions would really benefit a lot of current original Tracker owners.

Part of me expects Polyend to release a Tracker rev 2 / Tracker+ but hopefully with less drama than the Play fiasco…

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O yes would be super when resampling could happen for left, right or merged channel!!!

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