Sample loading UI: upper button for a previous folder, the lower one to preview

What is the problem?

While browsing samples both buttons do the same thing: preview. Because some folders can contain many files, it could take some time to scroll it back and it may be avoided.

What do you want to achieve?

Save some time while scrolling big libraries. Upper button could be used to go back to a previous folder, while the lower one to preview, as usual.

Are there any workarounds?

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


Love this idea!

This would be great :slight_smile:

@cheapmonkmusic, thanks. I wonder what was the initial reason to give users two buttons with the same function while the proposed behavior seems to be pretty much on a surface. Anyways… :sweat_smile:

Also, kinda surprised it wasn’t even reviewed in more than a month, in spite of its simplicity. Maybe “Play” already has more “wishes” than the team expected or wanted to invest in. I guess, if you can’t really show a feature in a vid to make an impression and sell, it’s not worth it. Or maybe it’s the sign that it will never be much better than what we have now. Hope I’m wrong, of course.

M8 at the same time receives more and more new updates and features overdelivering by a lot.

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@ambivalence, the Wishlist is important but not as important as actual releases. :slight_smile: Based on information publicly available we know that the small Polyend team is busy with Play v1.4 is coming, We're introducing Tracker Mini, and The Tracker is not dead. 1.7 is coming soon. Next to these three projects, the importance of any draft wish is relative. Also, Summer has started in the Northern Hemisphere and many Europeans schedule their holidays around it, which is another factor to count in. The golden rule of project management is prioritization, especially for small teams, and that basically consists of deciding what NOT to do. I’m not Polyend staff but I bet this is what is happening here. :timer_clock:

I posted this here because it was the second comment about the responsiveness around draft wishes. If you want to discuss this further or talk about the M8, please do it on a new thread to keep the wish discussions on topic.

As a PM for my full time job, I agree with the project management statement.

My only concern is then when I see Polyend Label release. To the paying customer who has been patient, the optics in prioritization seem odd.

I’ll keep playing. And waiting.

@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

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Also, Shift + upper button to go to the root folder?
Sadly, the wish has too few voices (only mine). Looks so obvious and potentially useful.