We're introducing Tracker Mini

Here it is, Tracker Mini - the natural evolution of the original Tracker! It’s a compact, portable audio workstation. We added audio-over-USB functionality, a built-in battery and microphone, gamepad quality buttons, and a ton of sampling and sound design tools. We added stereo sampling and performance enhancements, an improved UI, and more sample memory.

The Polyend Tracker Mini is available for pre-order now directly from Polyend Online Store, with orders shipping July 12, 2023. The Tracker Mini is available exclusively at Polyend Online Store in the EU and at select dealers worldwide. To learn more about the differences between the Tracker and the Tracker Mini, visit Polyend Tracker Mini Website.

We’re traveling to NAMM Show, but we’re happy to answer your queries as long as we’ll get the internet connection.

Since many of you are already Tracker owners and might be wondering - we haven’t abandoned the original tracker and are close to finishing the 1.7 update. However the Tracker Mini is on a new platform with a more powerful CPU, so many of the new features like stereo sampling will not be available for the original tracker.

Yours sincerely,
Polyend Team


Congratulations for this release! :slight_smile:

Welp, that was unexpected but due to an extraordinary amount of traffic the website crashed, devs are working to get it back up now.

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Going to make a pre-order…Website is down :). Just waiting… :slight_smile:

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just tell us straight which more new features are not avail in og tracker

Congratulations Polyend! I’m really looking forward to this one! :heart:

Thank acaposotta! It looks like it might be a couple of hours before the website is back up.
OG tracker will not have USB audio, stereo samples, anything that requires a whole lot more power as the CPU is pretty maxed out on OG already. OG Tracker will get UI improvements, all clicks and a whole lot of bugs will be fixed in 1.7 but I’m not sure of everything it will have.


But I’m also trapped on a plane, so I want to start talking about the Tracker Mini -

I’ve only been using it for about a week. When Piotr initially showed me the pics, I thought it might be slower to use, but I found the +/- buttons and d-pad surprisingly fast. I enjoy the mini workflow and I don’t think the screenshots of the buttons do the workflow justice.

I’ve been sampling all kinds of stuff, including annoying my wife to sing into it. I have a zoom h4n that I never have on me when I hear something I want to sample. The built-in mic on the mini is mono, but I’ve already done more sampling on it than I did with my zoom. The advantage of sampling and then chopping and editing on the spot are a revelation to me as someone who never owned an op-1 or portable sampler.


There is a chart on the website but it is down unfortunately.

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It’s strange because Slashdot doesn’t have any mentions about the Tracker Mini…

(I wouldn’t make a joke about Slashdot in 2023, except on a forum filled with old-time tracker lovers. They belong to the same era.) :sweat_smile:

Now more seriously…

This is the first thing I’ll search for more details in docs, demos, whatever. And the first thing I’ll test whenever I get one in my hands.

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Someone shared this unlisted video, which I guess is featured on the website that is down?

I guess it’s this one?



And this seems to be the first dive-in video available, by @bennjordan (thank you!)

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Website is back. Tracker Mini - Polyend

Site is still down for me, but Sweetwater has it up as a preorder if interested

Ah yes, it’s down for me again. Strange, the page doesn’t look THAT high-tech…

More videos embedded on that page and unlisted, in case they are useful:


still impossible to order from EUROPE :frowning:

It will be available :slight_smile:

Seems to be working now :wink: