Play v1.4 is coming

Newsletter out yesterday from Polyend that 1.4 is coming. Focus is on melody. For those that can’t attend SuperBooth, they will have test version to try out. Excited to see what’s coming!


Oh wow, this is exciting news! Can’t wait to see the melodic magic that Polyend has added/improved on the Play!!

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I think we will see bass be the fourth option for the auto fill in the beats category alongside kick, snare and hats.


That would be dope

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There is some info here: Polyend on Superbooth 2023 - #10 by icaria36


Any official word on a release date?

I posed this question 9 days ago. Is it possible to get an update?

I’m gonna quote myself from something i said on another post - Give them some time! :laughing:

They are in between launching a new product and working on firmwares for three different devices.
And last time i checked, there are only X hours a day available. :blush:

Once there is some news… This community will be the first to know.

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My best guess is we have it out at the end of the month.


hey @icaria36 , would you mind elaborating a little more on the upcoming piano roll feature? I’m looking into possibly buying a Play and this feature would be a huge plus for me.

Is piano roll only for inputting custom chords per step, or could you hypothetically create a full 16 step bass pattern while in piano roll view (ie while in piano roll view hitting a C note on step 1, then again on step 2 and so on)? – which would get get laid down onto a specific track. Thanks!

(This question is related to Polyend on Superbooth 2023 - #10 by icaria36 and I moved it here.)

Hi @thegretalink, sadly my secret plan to steal an SD card with the last Play release didn’t work out :wink: ajd I’m not a betatester either but… Yeah, for what I recall I think your use case would work as you say.

The piano roll accepts up to four notes per step, and you select the tracks where those steps belong. I didn’t try, but I guess if you select just one track and use just one note per column, the note information will be stored on each step as expected.

It would be good if someone with access to this feature could confirm or correct.


Hey thanks for the reply! Yeah if anyone knows more about this, please let us know! I’d love to learn a bit more, as the piano roll feature is a big selling point for me.

@icaria36 when you say it accepts 4 notes per step, and you select which tracks you want them to be on, I’m assuming you mean a 4 chord step sequence thus always takes up 4 tracks? Or can it all be on 1 step on 1 track, like the way it’s setup with pre-determined chords?

Also how did you access the piano roll? Like can you select a step and then get to view the piano roll quickly, per step, by pressing something? It would be nice to be able to go back and forth quickly viewing the piano roll, per step. Thanks again!

From what I THINK you are asking @icaria36 got it right. As for your other questions on the piano roll, these would probably be best answered after the firmware is released as things could change but I’ll try:
A four note chord would take up 4 tracks on that step, but you could have different chords on different steps. You could have all 8 tracks in your Piano Roll and play an 8 note chord.
It won’t be set up for pre-determined chords, unless you are outside of the piano roll in MIDI sequencing mode.
You access the piano roll by selecting the tracks you want to use with the far right button and press and hold the view button. Then press view again to exit.


@Mitch thanks for your reply! That sounds great. So if I’m understanding correctly, the piano roll works in sync with the 16th horizontal steps of your sequencer – so say I select 4 tracks, go into piano roll view, make a chord on these tracks on step 1 – while in this same view, I can also put a new chord on say step 5, and once I get out of piano roll view, these two chords will be in these tracks’ sequence? Thanks again for your response, sounds like a really nice update.

No problem. Yeah that is the general idea!

Great thanks :+1:

@Mitch one last question and then I’ll stop I promise! Haha

I know you may not be able to confirm anything til after the firmware is released – but when you say you select a few tracks to then go into piano roll view, and lay down notes per step – is it going to be that you hold down each note/step individually and set them to their respective midi channels like usual (to trigger whatever specific synths you want) or will you also be able to set the specific tracks to specific midi channels and just put the notes in each step as you go without then having to specify? Basically I’m asking if it’s going to still be that every Play step is “freestyle” (a very cool feature btw) or if you’re going to add the option of setting tracks in the Piano roll to specific outputs (which I think would be useful as well, the option of both)… just simply curious. Thanks so much for your responses, very much appreciated!

Thanks Mitch… Sounding good! Now what about that resample of 4 tracks into one. :kissing_heart:.

Hmmm, it would work the same way inputting steps on the grid would in the normal view, with the same type of options but in a piano roll format instead, so you have your “work step” you dial in and you can change but then place on the grid and it places a different note each time you select a pad on the grid, hope that makes sense.

Sounds like a great wish if it isn’t there already! :wink: :wink: