Play v1.4 is coming

Newsletter out yesterday from Polyend that 1.4 is coming. Focus is on melody. For those that can’t attend SuperBooth, they will have test version to try out. Excited to see what’s coming!


Oh wow, this is exciting news! Can’t wait to see the melodic magic that Polyend has added/improved on the Play!!

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I think we will see bass be the fourth option for the auto fill in the beats category alongside kick, snare and hats.


That would be dope

There is some info here: Polyend on Superbooth 2023 - #10 by icaria36


Any official word on a release date?

I posed this question 9 days ago. Is it possible to get an update?

I’m gonna quote myself from something i said on another post - Give them some time! :laughing:

They are in between launching a new product and working on firmwares for three different devices.
And last time i checked, there are only X hours a day available. :blush:

Once there is some news… This community will be the first to know.