Polyend on Superbooth 2023

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Visitors can get their hands on the Mini without any Polyend supervision. (there had been questions about this at NAMM)


So, I dunno, I’m here at Superbooth, I just me the Polyend team, I’m around and I have time. Is there anything you want me to do? :slight_smile:


See also Superbooth --- the rest.

any news related to Play? :slight_smile: that email was intriguing!


What they are demoing here is a new piano roll where every track is a note, the root note is marked with a special color so you know where you are, and you can punch notes as you would do in a daw. With the jogwheel you can go up and down the piano, covering several octaves.

Combined to this piano roll, there is a new chords and bass feature, where you can build chords of up to four notes, and then you have a the bass that you can sync with. There are a bunch of fills that offer starting points for chords and bass.

These features also work for MIDI mode. A nice feature there is that you get a visualization of the note length if it covers more than one step.

Please keep in mind that this is just me trying to explain the features that I see. I haven’t got a marketing briefing, I haven’t got to play with the features myself yet, and I might be missing and mixing things. I hope this makes sense. :blush:


Piano roll. Pentatonic scale, and the root notes are in pink. Takes four note chords (see four pads selected on the right). And then you can see the three chords that me and my lack of music theory knowledge came up with.

New Fill types: chords, bass, and chords & bass, with several “genres” available as prefills.


I’ve been here since the doors opened and I need a break, some silence. Tomorrow more if you want. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing! Unfortunately I’havent been able to come but I did “send” a friend of mine (Piero) to take some photos and greets the Poyend team over there.


With envy :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :joy:

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This is like a dream come true! I bought my MPC and mnay Ipad app’s just for the piano roll. Now that we will have in the Play…won’t need anything more :)!

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Future hardware iteration leaked!!!



Also, what is going to be the unsung hero of this highly portable Mini: the case!


A few weeks ago when the NAMM post-launch we had so many questions, and now that I’m here surrounded by Minis and the Polyend team… are there any quesrions I can help answer?

Sample editor, minimum and maximum zoom. No problem getting the start and end to the precise points you wish.

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There were questions about screen readability outdoors. The sun is high up in the Berlin sky and I asked a Polyend staff member to take one Mini out to check.

In realistic positions, the screen reads just fine. I mean when there is an angle under direct sunlight as you hold the device or you have your own shadow. If you put it flat under sunlight then you’ll have to put extra effort on your eyes.

I have been told that this is an area they are still fine tuning for the sales release. There is a Monocolor option that focuses on contrast especially with the outdoors use case in mind.

The display:

The same time and place where the picture was taken. Great sunny weather in Berlin.


I’d love more of a peek at the Play updates.


@RealTinyPenguin happy to. Did you see my post above about Chords & Bass fills and piano roll? Are there more details you want to know?

Right now, the type “beat”

option allows you to do kick, snare, and hats. Is bass part of that beat fill option or is separate or combined with chords as you stated (chords, bass and chords and bass)

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The “Beat” fill hasn’t been touched. If you want bass you can use the “Bass” or the “Chords & Bass” fills.

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Mmmm strange

I thought the man in the polyend t-shirt in this photo worked for empress effects… I think he appears in the Zoia bootcamps