Possibility to choose different colors for patterns

What is the problem?

It is hard to remember all the patterns when they have the same name.

What do you want to achieve?

Optionally define different colors for patterns, so they are easier to remember.

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Ableton Push 2


@renaudcampana Thank you for contributing to the #wishlist. No worries, your wish is clear and because wishes are editable by anyone, we can help improving the draft. I ave added the template, which is required for all wishes.

Do you want to try improving your draft using an automatic translator? For instance, deepl.com is quite good and free of charge. Then I can help polishing the text if there is anything to polish.

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Thank you Icaria36.

This shortcut seems to be available? Shift + long press on a pad with data (illuminated).

@here thanks for submitting the wish! It’s open for voting :slight_smile:


I feel like this has nice overlap with Ability to name patterns and Possibility to have more and more accessible color schemes .

Keeping in mind that the feature is more important than the realization, I’d be okay with having to edit a text file on the SD card (JSON or key:value) to modify the list of colors, similar to the “color schemes” proposal. No need for a complex color editor on the device. I guess specifying RGB wouldn’t be too hard with the physical interface, but choosing from a preset list would be even easier. Expressing names as typical CSS colors might be a nice-to-have. But just RGB seems like enough.

The immediate recognition of what patterns are used where is what reminds me of the naming suggestion.

In keeping with tracker tradition, ideally colors used in a song would travel along with that song when shared with others.

There are some edge cases that people could run into, like accidentally ending up with black on black. Guidance for how to reset to defaults (e.g., “just delete this text file from the SD card”) seems like it would be sufficient to deal with this.

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