Possibility to have more and more accessible color schemes

It would be very nice to have more and more accessible color schemes on the Tracker. Ideally users would be able to customize the UI color scheme, on top of the already available presets.

What is the problem?

Tracker offers two color schemas, and that’s it. Some users want more flexibility, either because they visually struggle or because of personal preference. There is evidence that color-blind people find the current color schemas unfriendly.

What do you want to achieve?

Allow anyone to fully customize their own color scheme of the UI. Or at least offer a variety of color schemas that are accessible and diverse.

If custom color schemas could be implemented, it would be very useful to have the possibility to export and import, so that users could share them.

Maybe a simple JSON configuration file could be used, allowing anyone to customize it without the need to create a complex UI editor in the Tracker itself. This way the community would also be able to create PC/Mac color scheme editors that create the needed JSON config file as output.

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Not many hardware devices allow full UI color customization, it would be a very nice and unique feature.


@scerifforosso I like this wish a lot!

I have edited it to…

  • focus the wish on accessible and diverse color schemas
  • add the possible alternative of adding more color schemas, if the custom color functionality is too complex
  • make it neutral (not first person)

I am learning how to collaborate with the Polyend team with new wishes and I believe these changes help moving this wish forward.

What do you think? This is a wiki post and previous versions are still accessible, if you want to recover anything.


Thanks for taking the time to amend the draft-wish! :slight_smile: it looks perfect now!

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Accessibility is a very important topic, and I am very glad that you brought it. There are standard criteria that define accessibility requirements (there are different standards to choose from) and it would be useful to know how the Polyend interfaces fare through these tests. Accessibility benefits everyone, not only the visually impaired. Plus, there is ample evidence that accessible music instruments are extremely useful and liked by people with visual struggles. Some of the best music ever created came from them!


@here Thanks for the wish. Voting starts now :slight_smile:

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A very nice and detailed suggestion, I would love to customize mine to just DOS Green and make it as simple as stripped as possible.


I hope this wish makes it!
Working in a dark room, it can be jarring to go from pattern mode to song mode with all the bright white.
I’d love to see this implemented, even it’s just a way to set some gray levels.
It seems a lot of time has been spent to perfect the pattern mode UI, but the other screens need color or softer tones too.


Absolutely take my vote. There are additional themes now but I still use the default because it’s the most accessible. I’d hoped for bigger fonts, bolder contrast colours, so this is definitely a wish I share.

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I think the UI needs some design tweaks.

The main Pattern Page has been really cared for, whilst the other pages seem empty or bland in the aesthetics department.

Tooooo much Emo black and white going on, especially in song screen mode it’s really bland and looks unfinished.

Since 1.8 Firmware the welcomed Pattern Naming feature is lovely.

Please less Goth, Emo black and white please, could we have a splash of subtle colour?