Play/Play+ Updates and Upgrade Path

  1. Play isn’t being discontinued. We are updating the Play. More updates for the original play are coming. 1.5 will get MIDI performance mode, as will Play+.

I can understand if you have Play listed on right now and are pissed but this upgrade will benefit people that choose to stick with the Play long term as we will be able to support it along with Play+ in parallel for years to come.

  1. Play+ is ready to ship now. We will get orders out this week into next week, but will likely sell out of the first batch in the next week or two. We are really happy with this device overall, the synth engines are all designed from scratch, not some reused MI code here.

We also have a host of plans for Play+ upgrades, including MIDI/Synth performance mode and to fine tune the synth editor. New updates will include new synth engines as we have several more in development as well.

  1. If you bought Play a month ago and are angry, we understand that and can work something out with you, just please email us! - Hell, if you are just angry about this in general don’t leave an anonymous comment on YouTube - talk to us! Our inboxes are a bit full but we will get back to you.

I hope you enjoy the Play+. Happy to answer any questions about it here.


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I just did the upgrade, so here’s a couple of observations… the price plus upgrade does start kicking this into a different category so

  1. It would’ve been nice to see an early upgrade discount for existing users as an incentive to upgrade, not just coupons from random discords/patreons.

  2. The fact that shipping isn’t included in the upgrade price is a bit… err… less than ideal.

I decided to do the upgrade as the plus does fix some of the limitations I had with my Play, but you’re in Deluge and/or MPC Live Territory pricing if you’re upgrading from the OG Play, yes, I get the whole sunk cost part of it… but users are not going to sit down and do the math for the 2 year amortization of the original purchase.


email them n see if they’ll sort you out

Hopefully if we paid for the upgrade already a unit has been reserved for us and we won’t find out there is a delay for us because too many new first time buyers?

The way you are doing the Play+ upgrades means that it is possible that someone will order the upgrade and send in a Play, and by the time it reaches you, you will have sold out of Play+ replacements.

I hope you have taken this possibility into account and are holding some Play+ units in reserv while you wait for original Play units to be sent in.

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We are not selling preorders for the Play+ Upgrade right now. We will stop listing the upgrade when sold out.


Could you elaborate on this please? Just to clarify; If a person has placed an order and paid for the upgrade, that means a Play+ is guaranteed to be put aside for that person?

I think the main concern is for those of us that don’t have a Polyend location nearby. My shipping the original unit to the Polyend location will take over a week and there is a concern once it arrives there will be no Play+ stock left.

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I’m located in Canada and I hear I have to pay separately for shipping since I’m not in the US which is fine. At checkout, there’s a $30 shipping fee.

Is this the extra shipping or am I expected to pay that and again at Canada Post?


Yeah Mitch your wording is not the most clear, but I am assuming he means anyone who ‘upgraded’ will be getting a unit quickly, because they will remove the upgrade when they run out of units to not leave someone hanging without their play.

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Hello! - I purchased the upgrade for Play+. The email just says to ship to the address in Fl. How do you reconcile the device I’m shipping with my order for the upgrade? I did not see and form or paperwork to print out. Thank you!

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There’s a UK address in Glasgow among the shipping options. I assume that shouldn’t be too expensive for you.

upgrade ordered. Thanks again.

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I´ve sent an email about my Play i bought last month to Just saw that i should have sent it to Is it ok or do i resend to hello?

Hey I just bought the Play 55 days ago, can you help?

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Good morning, First of all, thank you for continuing to update the play legacy. Secondly - I want to understand the flow of the update process. I placed an update order on the website successfully. I paid for the upgrade + flat rate, received an email stating that I need to send the device to the address. Since I have already paid for the flat rate, I just want to understand that I need to pay extra for delivery of the device to the polyend office? I calculated on the DHL website the cost of delivery from northern eu to the Polish polyend office and it turned out that I need to pay an extra 15%, do I understand correctly that I need to organize the delivery myself, and not like when you do repairs at your place and you send a DHL sticker?? I hope for a quick response, since I have already assembled the box. I’m just waiting for an answer from you. Thanks again.

You won’t sell it for that as that’s what the ‘new’ old versions are now priced at.
That’s my gripe. And all this £400 upgrade is NOT £400 unless it teleports there for free… and that ain’t going to happen.


I put my order number on the package and enclosed, in the package with the Play, a copy of the invoice corresponding to the order. I also emailed the tracking number to Polyend. I hope that’s enough.

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Hello everyone, I have a question, I have already paid for the update and I am waiting for them to tell me where I have to send it, and if they give me a code or something to send it because I have already paid €25 for shipping, or do I have to send it for me also? I have this big doubt that they can’t quite resolve, nor do I know what I have to do very well. The only thing I know is that I have to send it to Poland. Thank you all!

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Didn’t you receive an order confirmation e-mail that also listed a handful of possible destinations for you to send it at?