Perform Feature Using Midi

Couldn’t it be implemented to use the CCs that are already mapped to the knobs? Perhaps even as a macro where it controls any given number of selected (pre-mapped in settings) CCs in a range-editable, invertable way. So to pick arbitrary example numbers, one column from bottom to top could send values of [the CC mapped to bit depth] from say 50-80 as well as values of [the CC mapped to cutoff] from 127 to 75.

Another idea would be to set up one or two X-Y areas with two of these CCs (again range editing/inverting would be desired)

@a.radder, I guess, you’re looking for this:

I bought play with the naive idea that every midi capable device has full midi implementation, so it was a real bummer :slight_smile: Last ≈ summer when this forum wasn’t even there, I recieved promising email answer that midi implementation is somewhere down the road, but, yeah. Had high hopes I could add a sparkle for my live guitar arrangements via a midi controller’s footswitches and Play. It also turned out it doesn’t even have its own midi channel for starters, so you can’t control knobs with midi expression pedals.

As for this thread, it was about the perform mode for midi sequencer, which, indeed, could be also nice to have, even if some of the perform features won’t be available (no «wish» for that, but I lost my faith in the concept).

I am confused by this reply. Of course I’m talking about a proposed MIDI perform mode. I don’t think it makes any sense to add MIDI out functionality to the existing audio perform mode.

guess I should have read more carefully!

I thought that this was about adding Perform control to MIDI mode, which I guess would be a different (but awesome) thing :smiley:

There have been some comments about perform mode for MIDI. Do you or anyone else want to create a topic about this? Some effects are translatable (i.e. note shift) but some are not.

That would open a new and exciting can of worms!

As far as midi perform effects obviously a lot of the audio ones wouldnt work but one that I think would be a very exciting addition should this become a thing would be an arpeggiator

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(((I have moved here several comments posted on MIDI control over Perform mode that in fact belong here.)))

I’m running into a problem where I set up a track with both audio and MIDI components, then go into perform mode, choose a red ‘Tune’ (transpose) pad to move to new harmonies, only to be reminded that the MIDI does not transpose along with the audio tracks. :sob:

Should this be wishlisted? Because it seems like a severe oversight. :man_shrugging:


Good point!

I think it sounds like a good wish!


There wasn’t wish created, wasn’t it? But anyway, it’s coming to the Play. :slight_smile:

Wait, what? If this is what I think it is, I asked about this and if I recall, not something that could be done. Using the same performance mode on the audio side on the midi side. If so, hell yes!!

I don’t know more than the sentence I quoted, but… you asked in this topic in March (first post), then Mitch said in August that this sounds like a good wish, and in November Mitch writes that “MIDI performance mode” is coming. I hope my “math” is correct. :slight_smile:

I need a tissue. This made my day!

I believe I said a lot of the effects cannot work via MIDI such as reverb and delay as they are audio processes but dont’ remember exactly. We discussed different options instead and what would work. We’ll get creative with MIDI Perform mode as it is in development but don’t expect reverb and delay to be there, it would be impossible!


I’m really really excited to see what this turns into. I don’t use Perform mode very often currently because it leaves the MIDI tracks out. Just having the Tune section work for MIDI would be a total game changer for me but the Re-Arrange and Repeat and whatever other treats the team comes up with will also be a ton of fun. Thanks for listening to us!

I was at a different space mentally on this one at that time. If you said, hey, this can turn on your coffee pot, I’ll take it.

Seriously, all good and thank you.

Can’t wait to try MIDI perform mode out when it’s ready. The Play as a performance/improvisation/composition instrument and Bitwig as a synth station is such a powerful combo.

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