Process for upgrading Play to Play+?

Yeah, it’s swamped. Patience.

no worries. just making sure it wasn’t me.

I would not be a fan of this. This is on par with what Synthstrom is doing. So if it puts us out a few weeks. Most of us have other toys, we will be just fine. How they are doing this process makes sense and is good for the environment.

Got the update, the buttons to put in payment keep being grayed out but I noticed if I waited on that section on the page they became active and managed to get one. There were no instructions provided upon purchase so maybe they aren’t ready to accept the trade ins yet?

edit: got the instructions like 15 minutes later


What we should send?
I recon all the stuff that were on the box but…
what If I misplaced some things?
should I send my sd card?

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This was the Information given via the email after I placed my order;

To ship - please include old accessories. New accessories will come with the new unit. Please store your projects on your computer and include the microSD card.

SD Card - Play+ has a new card optimized for faster loading, do not use the old SD cards.

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If you’re in the USA use the post office, it cost me just under $13 to send from NJ to the FL address they gave. They sent an email with instructions about 15 minutes after I ordered.

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Good for the environment? Maybe I’m missing something: The way they’re doing it, I have to obtain packaging material to use to send the Play to them, and there is no reason to believe that they will be able to reuse that material to send the Play+ to me.

Lucky. Shipping from Montreal to the FL address is a cold $45 :cold_sweat:

Unfortunately, the "To ship - please include old accessories. New accessories will come with the new unit. Please store your projects on your computer and include the microSD card. " was added later, it was not in my confirmation email (or in @radfaraf’s, from what I recall). Neither of us sent the SD card. I actually called Polyend US on the phone after receiving the email and before shipping, and they told me to just send the unit, which I did…

you have been snagged, hook, line and sinker as they say

Ditto. I got email that said:

Please ship your original Play to the closest Polyend location from the chart listed below.

After we receive the unit, …

Nothing about accessories. Before I learned that they expected me to return the accessories, I had already dropped off the box with the Play in it at the post office.

I’ve sent a note to Polyend support asking what I should do. I’m sure it will be sorted out somehow.

@ark We should be good. They replied to me quickly: "Yes, we missed the part about accessories and SD in the first communication. Don’t worry about it. No need to send one more package to us. We’ll ship you the complete package.”


I sent everything except the SD card reader (I did send the SD card) and the Stereo Jack Adapter (does anyone use this? never saw it used in any youtube video) because I was too excited to think straight. Tried to send everything because none of it has an use to me without the original unit, but forgot about those. I too emailed them asking if I should do anything about it as I can send those too. They really need to include a list reminding everyone what comes with it to help nobody forget.

I included a printout of receipt for the play plus+ too in the box so in case someone can’t figure out who it’s from despite it being on the box.

I Just bought the play in June and 5 Months later Play +? What the??? I returned my first Play, bought another thinking I still liked the approach…started to have issues with the second unit and reported it to Polyend and still waiting for response from Support. Then I get and Email about Upgrading my 5 month old suspect unit for $399! My head is spinning! The new Plus cost the same as what I paid for my Play and I have to pony up 400 more? Does anybody see the utter insult and dubious nature of this approach to an upgrade. If I had my unit 3 years ok…but I think it is still under warranty and they want to charge for upgrade…? I’m quickly losing respect for what I thought was a good group of people and products that stand alone from the crowd.


Hi, when @ark created this topic (thank you!), Play/Play+ Updates and Upgrade Path didn’t exist yet. Now that Polyend staff created that topic about the upgrade path it is better to keep the questions and discussion there in one place.

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