Midi cc fill with types such as exponential, linear, sine, etc to help generate modulation

It would be really nice to see the fill command expanded upon to offer a midi cc category. The fill types can consist of basic shapes or characteristics such as exponential, linear, sine, etc. The user could select the number of steps they wish to see the cc values applied to. It can be used as a type of midi lfo to output some interesting cc #'s.

What is the problem?

Currently to make the cc’s output with a controlled shape the user must go step by step and try to enter values or use the live record to approximate a modulation shape.

What do you want to achieve?

Smooth and unique modulation

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

This shares some similarities

Any references to other products?

Here are some basic shapes to illustrate this idea. Essentially it would act as a graphing function spread out across a given number of steps thus providing the matching cc value.


Interesting wish! A couple of topics slightly related:

It is similar to the other requests but it’s specifically related to cc’s and expanding the fill functionality rather than audio based. I like using the live record to create cc values to send out for modulation but they aren’t always the shape I want. It just makes sense that you can select a start step and end step and fill it with cc #’s with a ramp or a parabola or some other graph type function to generate perfect values.


@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

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Thank toy @jason for the graphical work in the wish description! Very illustrative. :slight_smile:

Even just the ability to set a ramp shape (or curved ramp) from the first selected step to the last would be incredible and allow for more precision than trying to record a perfect sweep

This would be an incredible feature. Maybe even have more options to either generate patterns as well. or parameters to adjust the start/end point or length.


oh no! another new one I have to vote for.

for the record: I took a vote away from the tuner for this.

This concept of the developer openly looking for suggestions on how to improve the product is really remarkable so kudos to Polyend for seeking out feedback. I hope a few more people vote for this because I’m looking forward to using it. Plus if you were to pair this with a midi to cv converter you can really do some serious modulation sequencing.


Just want to add that these would also be great on the sample engine itself; as one shot fade ins /outs ect if applied to volume or filter …

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probably, you meant this:

as for the wished feature, it’s the must have for sure. considering the fact that modulation is bound to the step, it’s practically impossible to make smooth modulations for slow speed tracks. On top of that, if we deal with long samples, this should go alongside:

Yes, not sure why this wish is restricted to MIDI CC in the first place. And no, this is not about ADSR.
The other day I had to program volume and cutoff automations for a texture sample on each step as I was not able to record automation curve I needed (the sine).

completely agree with you, @5020780, it shouldn’t be bound with MIDI CC, because samples also need smooth automations. especially on slower BPMs. the thing desperately needs some interpolation to modulate parameters between steps in case it can’t handle real-time recording (even though the latter seems to be easier on hardware than actually calculating everything for all 8 tracks).

I agree while I think it is essential to have this feature able to provide midi CC’s I totally agree it can apply and should extend to all forms of modulation be it internal or external.