Custom Fill Algorithms

Feature request for Play: Custom Fill Algorithms. These would essentially be customized random fills set up by the user, by setting up ranges for different parameters (like Note Frequency 0-100%, etc.) and then saving those settings as a Custom Fill preset which could be recalled and used on the Fill page where users would press the Fill button to get a new pattern each time based on the preset.

What is the problem?

The current Fills are somewhat limited. You can create your own Fills by saving a pattern, then removing the SD card and moving that pattern, but it’s a lengthy process which only allows changes to the samples in the pattern and not the pattern itself. Random Fills are nice to have, but are limited to being random.

What do you want to achieve?

More robust options for the Fill feature. It’s nice to be able to create patterns quickly and easily, but it seems like the current Fill options are too limited. Custom Fill Algorithms that allowed users to influence and steer the Fills in a specific direction would achieve that.

The more the parameters available to program, the better, as it would make each algorithm that much more unique. Parameters could be:

  • note frequency
  • note weight (more towards beginning of pattern, end, middle, or off)
  • note pitch
  • sample (current selection, current folder, or all)
  • reverb send
  • delay send
  • bit depth
  • track length
  • play mode (forward, reverse, etc)
  • repeat type
  • repeat frequency
  • MIDI note length
  • etc.

You get the idea, basically all the parameters Play has to offer. Users would set the ranges for each parameter, save the set up as a preset, then use them on the Fill page.

This would be a great way to quickly and easily come up with different pattern.

Are there any workarounds?

No, this idea would expand on the Fill options already there.

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?



Hi @a444hz, welcome to Backstage. Anyone can post new wishes under Draft wishes. See How this Wishlist works for more information. I’ll move your post there and add the Wishlist template so you can edit it accordingly.

Also, related: How do I create my own beat fills on the Play?

Okay, first post has been edited.

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Thank you @a444hz. I copyedited the description a bit without changing the meaning. This is a very interesting wish!

I love this.

I think this is the way to give the play a more generative capabilities. It’s needed to compete with the market.

This should work for midi and also form the samples.

@a444hz Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t fit our current product design direction.

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Too bad. I think it would be an exceptional addition. I hope you reconsider, or at least figure out another way for a more robust fill option, one that doesn’t involve needing to access the memory card on a computer.

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