Recording MIDI CC from external source

What is the problem?

On the Play, MIDI CC values can be set per step or recorded from the encoder motion, but it is not possible to record them from an external midi controller.

What do you want to achieve?

Improve the modulation capabilities of the Play using MIDI data generated by a DAW or external instruments and controllers. This would allow the use of external LFOs and other modulation types that the Play can’t support.

For this, it should be possible to record CC from an external source and being able to make CC binds in the settings.

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Oxi One
Torso t-1
Westlicht Performer

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@galak8 it is easier for Polyend staff and voting users to assess wishes when they focus on a single request. In this case, the main request is this one, right?

Can you (or anyone else, this is a wiki) simplify this wish to focus on this feature only, please? In the section about related discussions I have added links to other wishes that have been accepted to the #wishlist. You will see that most of them are very short and to the point. You can move the rest to the comments, or create new wishes (or wait and see whether this draft wish about recording incoming MIDI CC is accepted, and then add other wishes that would depend on the implementation of this one).

Thanks a lot, I simplified the wish, I hope it’s less complex now.

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I really wanted to include CC in this wish (MIDI control over Perform mode), but it was already complicated thing to ask and we cut it down.

I still think that it’s the must-have feature for the device that positions itself as a midi brain. LFO was already declined, so the external modulation is the only choice left. Also, expression controllers can add additional dimension to your lives. The main difficulty is that you need to select tracks in order to control anything. Maybe having a separate set of CC for every parameter, for every track could solve it, but it sounds cumbersome.

I guess, user should have the ability to make CC binds in the menu, globally and per project. Like, you can enter midi menu, choose unused CC and set specific parameters (one or multiple) for specific tracks (single or multiple, too). This way you could always control the parameters remotely and conveniently. Should we add this to the wish?

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Thanks a lot for your comment, I totally agree with you ! I edited the post to include what you said, I hope it is find to include it in this wish. So many wishes are interdependant, it’s hard to reduce to only one element, most of them rely on another implementation to make sense.

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In this case, I guess it would be also beneficial to have additional settings of how each parameter would react to incoming CC. For example,

  • Range: specific lowest and highest values
  • Inversion: allowing to make one parameter go higher while the other one goes lower with just one external knob/fader
  • Curve: linear, logarithmic, square (only 0 and 127 values change a parameter according to its range; alternatively: anything lower/higher than 64 changes a parameter)

These are pretty crucial when user is allowed to bind multiple parameters to the same CC. See also: Source Audio Reflex.

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as about the curves, the coolest thing I saw was offered by TC Electronics in their TonePrint.

Look at the knob range section. It allows to set custom curve for a knob which can control up to three parameters at once. The range is divided by 5 which offers, well, just a lot of control. Basically, it can work as 5 gradually evolving presets. The bad: TC Electronics has very bad buffers and make your instrument sound like crap :slight_smile:

It would be super cool if polyend team implements something like this.

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I have edited the wish to explain what you actually want to achieve (recording MIDI CC is only means to an end, and the end is to use LFOs etc from external sources to bypass the Play’s current limitations, right?)

I am moving this to the comments, just to separate this wish from its implementation challenges and from other related wishes:

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@here thanks for contributing! But keep in mind that time- and value- resolution of Midi CCs is not so great. Nevertheless, it’s ready for voting :wink: