Audio steps playable via MIDI

It would be to make Audio Steps on the Play playable via MIDI.

What is the problem?

Audio Steps on the Play are not playable via MIDI.

What do you want to achieve?

For samples that are imported into Audio Steps in the Play to be playable via MIDI.

There are different ways in which this could be implemented, like triggering steps or accessing the sample pool via MIDI (see the discussion below).

Are there any workarounds?

Printing stems or recording from the audio out.

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

Elektron Digitakt, Roland MC-707


Do you mean the steps (i.e. the 4th step of the 5th track, with whatever sample it has inside) or the samples available in the pool? I bet you mean steps, and if this is the case it would be good to clarify this.

Can you mention the products in the wish, please? The rest of readers don’t know what you know, and it is better to be explicit. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your edits!

How would this work? Each track can be accessed through a MIDI channel, and then the CC value corresponds to the step number?

I was imagining it as similar to Drum Racks in Ableton Live; each sample in the pool would have its own assigned MIDI note.

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I want to edit the title of this one to make it very clear what you are requesting because my first reaction to reading it was, “Play can play samples via MIDI.”

Mabye “Trigger Individual Samples via MIDI”… that isn’t it exactly but maybe someone else has a better title.

Perhaps: ‘Playing Samples on the Play via external MIDI’?

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A drum machine in a DAW usually offers a 4x4 grid, that’s 16 options. They can be paged and it is not uncommon to find drum machines with a second page going up to 32. On the MPC One etc you can keep paging (I tink?) but yeah, in practice people won’t go far beyond that and clearly not above 12. In this context, offering notes is enough and you can explore all the range with a keyboard.

A Play pattern can have up to 512 steps (8 tracks with 64 steps each), and therefore (I believe) MIDI notes won’t be enough. You mentioned the Elektron Digitakt and Roland MC-707. Don’t they use MIDI channels for tracks to cover the range of samples they can offer?

Also, maybe we should talk about “playing steps via external MIDI” instead of samples? I guess you don’t want to play the sample file dry but with the effects assigned to that step?

This is a great question I had not considered. Even if it were possible, I would feel overwhelmed by having 512 notes to choose from. I personally would prefer for only the raw samples in the pool to be addressable via MIDI, which would allow me to place them in steps via external MIDI. Each step would then be editable (FX parameters, etc.) via the Play as normal.

But that’s not a problem, because then you wouldn’t create 512 steps in the first place, right? :slight_smile: I was just saying that it is technically possible, and this feature must be flexible enough to cover it.

Isn’t that more complicated? How do you select a sample from the pool via MIDI? And how do you assign that sample to a step via MIDI?

You mentioned the Digitakt and the Roland MC-707. If you have drum machines in mind, we could add the MPC One, the Maschine… I might be mistaken, but don’t they all work this way, select a track / pad via MIDI channel and then play the same sound that you would get if you would press that pad with your finger?

I’m sorry if I keep asking. I’m just trying to help presenting a clear feature request. :slight_smile:

hey, how about placing the samples in the controller alternate view (kind of)? for now it can hold 28 samples + 4 pads for octaves. in addition to the midi-accessable pool, players could get a finger drumming platform too and use it for live recordings. Having different samples there instead of different notes could be nice:

Tracker Tips - Finger Drum Slices - YouTube

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This request is about making the samples playable via MIDI. If you want to request this feature, please create a new wish.

@hisswave and anyone else supporting this wish here. In order to define this request it would be useful to specify whether it is about playing the raw samples or about specific step steps (post effects).

alrighty, one more wish from me then… I just thought it could be a missing piece of puzzle here it terms creating the pool itself. calling the pads later on should be a lot easier than making an interface for it. maybe I’m wrong!

This is why I think the simplest approach is to call the existing steps via MIDI. It requires no changes in the UI, and it’s how other devices accomplish their equivalent use case. Of course I could be wrong too. :slight_smile:

Ok, thankfully it is not our job to decide how to implement this feature. :slight_smile: I have added the two methods discussed to the description.

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@hisswave thanks for the wish :slight_smile:

What do you mean by this?

For samples that are imported into steps in the Play to be playable via MIDI.

Could you explain further please?

Hi! This discussion has now complexified the original idea, which was to assign a MIDI note to each sample in the pool and make them playable/recordable via external MIDI controller (similar to Drum Racks in Ableton Live). Each track could be made accessible by having its own MIDI channel assignment.

I apologize if I made the discussion complex! :blush: What counts is the wish as described in the first post. It remains very simple and it hasn’t changed (much) since you posted the initial wish.

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@hisswave thanks for explaining. Just a note here: Audio track can contain multiple samples so that wouldn’t work, but we could possibly assign MIDI port/channel/notes to samples another way.

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@hisswave please update your wish to reflect this: especially title, as I understand you don’t want “samples” but “Audio steps” which contain other Audio parameters as well, to be triggerable via MIDI notes.

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Thank you so much – I just made the edits you suggested, with the exception of the title, which I don’t know how to edit.