Ability to play and record finger drumming style performance with both hands

What is the problem?

Currently players have the ability to play different notes of the same sample using the View Controller. However, they can’t play multiple samples at once, finger drumming style.

What do you want to achieve?

Having an ability to load (partial?) pool of samples into the view controller and trigger them from there directly.

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Tracker can do it:

Elektron devices like Digitakt or Syntakt.


Thank you, @ambivalence.

Moving this part to the comments to keep the wish focused in a single feature:

Load the entire sample pool? For finger drumming and similar cases, the player needs to have control over which sample goes where.

Using the View Controller could be one way to achieve this finger drumming use case, but not the only one. Imagine that you could use the regular sequencer pads in a “finger play” mode. You have more flexibility to organize your pads, you have more pads, and (probably the most important?) you would be triggering not the raw samples but steps with all their effects.

@icaria36 Absolutely agree on both points: no need to load all samples there, and the regular pads may be even better. I’ll make some changes, check if it’s okay.

Hi @ambivalence, you can do this currently by holding main Encoder pushed: does this solve your problem? Cheers, Miro


seems like this feature provides convenient previews rather than finger drumming options since it implies using only one hand. I thought it could be something allowing to use live rec too. originally, I suggested new multi-sample possibilities for the controller view as it was made for triggering samples from the beginning. I can edit the post if we should lean in that direction.

Hello :slight_smile: It gives the “ability to trigger samples directly with pads”, so please rephrase the title if you have another idea. Thank you

made some changes, dunno if this explains the idea better :+1:

@here thanks for your contribution! The wish in now open for voting :slight_smile:

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Mmmmmok… :sweat_smile:

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