Controlling the play with an external controller

Many grooveboxes in the market have all their controls mapped with CC (midi). Normally you find those values in the manual so you could connect a midi controller and control parameters from it.

What is the problem?

Not having those cc values or mapping doesn’t allow to use external controllers. The problem with this is that this is very much needed to perform. For example having a midi controller that controls volume per channel or reverb, etc.

What do you want to achieve?

Asign any parameter the play has into a midi controller so it would be more tactile and not depend only on the knobs it brings.

Are there any workarounds?

Not that I know. I think some thing are mapable but the actual capabilities of the play regarding midi in are only for the sequencer and notes.

Any links to related discussions?

Not that I know.

Any references to other products?

Elektron OctaTrack, Roland SPS404 mk2, Novation circuit tracks

The vital thing for sure. However, there are some related wishes ready to vote:

MIDI control over patterns | MIDI control over Perform mode | MIDI control over variations

The exact thing you’re asking for:

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As pointed out by @ambivalence, this wish is covered in other places already. Let’s archive it.

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