When is .mod support coming back? 😢

I’m shocked to see that .mod support has been removed in v1.7 of the Polyend tracker Firmware. Although I appreciate the ongoing support with new features, it would be much more important to fix the countless issues and bugs, instead of launching new features. Compatibility with the huge legacy library of Amiga mods was my key buying decision for the original Tracker. I still ordered the Tracker mini on day 1, only to learn that when shipped that this feature is not available. And now it’s also pulled from the old tracker?
I understand that fixing the issues of this feature is a lot of effort, but I nevertheless feel let down by Polyend, as this is a backstab to users. Is this really the right approach to development challenges - removing a key feature that is difficult to do right? Shame…
I really hope that the community will shout out to the team at Polyend loud and clear to add this feature again and make it work properly.


There are currently 2 open wishes waiting for approval for voting.
They represent two different types of thoughts.

The first one, requesting the return of the import / export:

The second one, requesting an opening up of the files that make up a tracker project, so the community could build their own tools/solutions and/or even further utilties for the Tracker Ecosystem:


Just a note to say that the .mod support that was available until Tracker 1.7 came back in Tracker 1.8.

See also Reimplementation of mod and .it support - #15 by Shred and Tracker Firmware 1.8.0! - #42 by christiangierden.


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