Tracker's MIDI Synthesizer

Hello Everyone

I have a question to Tracker’s MIDI Synthesizer users.
Is it possible to assign 8 Tracker’s instruments to 8 MIDI channels and play instrument by choosing a MIDI channel?

Hey @pitmast ,

if you are talking about MIDI Synth Mode. Then the answer is no.
Currently only one instrument can be played at the same time.

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i know right

I’ve only just worked out what the midi synthesizer function is, and now have a quick q

Is it possible to select midi synth in the record menu? (Alongide line in and radio etc)

Would really help to be able to play + record live chords and then load these up as samples, without having to program chords into the pattern and then render.


That’s actually a very nice idea! I don’t think there is a Wishlist wish for something like that yet.
So feel free to create it!

Not sure if this works, but a possible workaround for now could also be a signal splitter/multiplier.
As in: Take the output of the Tracker and loop it back into the Line In.

Good shout - I will give that a go.

Will create a wish! Though i have other wishes much higher and older than this which i would prefer to see come to fruition first haha.

OK done a wishlist entry. Let’s see how we get on: Recording the Midi Synthesizer as a sample

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