Tracker Song mode improvements

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It’s honestly a missed opportunity Trackers don’t play better together and the situation could be improved by 1. sending and receiving Song Position Pointer (SPP) over MIDI and 2. the possibility to edit inactive patterns during playback. I could easily see myself purchasing even more Polyend products if synchronicity between devices was improved.


It should be possible to mute and unmute tracks on a ‘per-slot-basis’.
The pads could be used for this.

Like this you could do a lot of arrangement choices in song mode with
just building up on one pattern.

That would be awesome.

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if I use the delete function on one Pattern in a slot, it deletes that track on
all Patterns with the same number throughout the whole song.

Is this correct?

If it is… why? Does not make a lot of sense to me.
If it would not do that, you really could do a lot more arranging jobs in
song mode by changing one specific pattern by just deleting tracks in
some slots.

In Song Mode, you are referencing a specific pattern. It’s not a copy or duplicate.
All edits happen on the actual pattern. So if you use the same pattern multiple times and you edit something on it, of course it will affect every reference of it.

This is a very normal tracker workflow, found across every tracker program i know of since the dawn of trackers. :blush:

If you need to create a variation of a pattern, just copy it and do your changes on the copy.

I see nobody has edited the original post yet. Is there no consensus on what this wish should actually represent yet? As i said, i’m actually kinda lost at this point what the wish should be. So… HELP :laughing:

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Thank you @Akiko :heart: , i’m also curious what @paul-8189 has to say, since he created a ton of images that are yet to be part of the original wish post (or atleast referenced).

Sure, that’s how it should be. I got that. :blush:

I was hoping that Song Mode would just be different in that sense, that
it would not really ‘delete’ it, just kind of ‘hide it’ (on a slot to slot basis).

That’s why I suggested the mute function (on a slot to slot basis). :sweat_smile:

yeeeeah… about that:

Yes, exactly! :wink:

It does not sound impossible to maybe implement that idea.
You can mute and unmute tracks in Performance and Pattern mode.
It would just kind of be ‘automated’ (= programmed) in Song Mode - instead
of ‘performed’ in the other modes.

Not I. I just added a potential quick and dirty solution. :smiley:

Ah you are right it was @mrgum6y who started all of this :laughing:

I’m going to auto close this with a timer of 4 days, unless the original post gets updated with a fresh or updated proposal for this wish. If this doesn’t happen i invite you all to create a new wish.

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It reads to me that there are two main desires here
1- the ability to set/plan track mutes in each slot. This could be integrated into the current song mode UI pretty seamlessly. I’m all for this. Would very much open up the ability to create progressions without having to copy patterns endlessly.
2- the creation of a whole new second type of song mode, more performance based “Jam mode” which allows much more programming of pattern variations, fluid slot progression, etc. this would require a new UI (the pics posted above). This sounds cool -as long as the current simple and effective song mode stays in tact!

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The first one i can already tell you is not going to happen since a similar request has already been declined. See:

The second one is (atleast in my opinion) what this request should focus on, but i honestly have lost track of the state of this, hence me requesting the original author and others to maybe find a consesus :laughing:

Yeah, they talk about taking song mode in ‘another direction’.

It would be interesting to know what that means and which direction
tha5 is. :wink:

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