Tracker Song mode improvements

I think this is a desire for slot playing, a la Ableton scene and slot mode, right?

Hey Sandroid,
Sorry for going absent, I’ve had a few days hiking across the North Yorkshire Moors, very beautiful but very wet!
My imagination went a bit wild in this thread, I thought I was just throwing some ideas out there for discussion and not that it would be picked up for immediate development.

Really the core idea was that during playback, in song mode, was to have the ability cue the next line to be played.
Moving freely up or down the song while retaining the ability to loop the current line.
In this way you could “jam” with your song as well as having a normal full playback.

What can i do to close this off in a sensible and meaningful manner. Thanks.

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:laughing: it’s all good, i hope you had a wonderful time and refilled your mental batteries! :heart:

Now that is a lot easier to understand and makes a lot of sense to me actually. I would say probably the best way to proceed would be to create a new wish for exactly that - if that is ok with you :blush:

Mostly because this one has gotten a bit out of hand is hard to follow anymore :laughing:

If anyone else in @here, has parts of this discussion that they believe should become their own wish, feel free to create a new wish of course!

@mrgum6y why not just stay in pattern mode? You can cue up any pattern by hitting a key combo, I think it’s : select pattern key, so pattern no is highlighted. Rec, arrow to pattern no. Release arrow and rec.

My first answer to that is that it’s about performance or cognitive load. It’s reasonable to jam in pattern mode if you are performing with just the tracker but as soon as you add other instruments to your setup the amount to do and to remember increases exponentially.

Cueing a pattern is a 3 button combo which has to be executed in the time it takes for the current pattern to play, (while you are cueing other machines?) or it loops, which might not always wanted. ( my previous joke was try hitting the keys in a 16 step pattern at 170bpm)
The fact that the tracker has the existing ability to move from any pattern to any other pattern shows it not a limitation of the tracker hardware just a limitation in the controls.

Another nice side effect of being able to cue the next line to play in song mode, is that as song mode essentially moves relentlessly forward you could have, say for example, 4 lines of song mode as a verse, and the next 4 lines of song mode as a chorus, essentially chaining song mode lines together for very lengthy but easy to program song passages.

During this thread it was mentioned about another wish to have midi control of cueing the next pattern, I think this could be extended to include cueing the next line in song mode via midi (as well as being able to do it just on the tracker as well.)

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Thanks for that. Much clearer to me. I’ll vote it up.

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