Tracker Song mode improvements

(Apologies if this exists and I am unaware.)

Ability to select/trigger slots of the song mode in non-sequential order.
In the song mode the equivalent of a “scenes” are labelled as slots.
I wish to have options to dynamical select which slot will be played next during playback.
Mixed with existing options of looping the current slot and dropping back to song mode which will work through slots in the song.
I’d suggest green mode would be “as is”, a locked down play through the song as shown,
but red mode could allow for dynamic playback.

Plus it should be possible to mute and unmute tracks on a ‘per-slot-basis’.
The pads could be used for this.
Like this you could do a lot of arrangement choices in song mode with
just building up on one pattern.

What is the problem?

Editing and selection of slots in song mode has to be done when playback is stopped.

What do you want to achieve?

“Ableton” like behaviour where the next slot to be played can be selected during playback

Regarding the muting and unmuting of tracks in song mode:
more (and faster) arrangements choices in song mode with just one pattern
instead of copying one pattern in pattern mode just to mute (or unmute) tracks.

So if i understand you correctly:

  • You start a song in Song Mode (probably while looping a single pattern / row)
  • You queue rows (in different order than the Songs order)
  • It plays through the created queue

Is that what you mean?

Thanks for the reply - (I was wondering if it made sense).

Yes, but not even that complex.
Just the ability to queue which row/slot will be played after the current one.
(which will probably be looping)

The same as queueing a pattern in pattern mode but in song mode.

I suppose thinking about it, this extends to then support the idea of being able to change your position in the song via midi which is the same as changing patterns via midi as in the topic

which I think is currently having problems in 1.7

Yeah that wish seems definitely related.
I’m currently just considering if this makes sense to implement in “song mode” or if it needs an entirely different screen.

So let’s do this thought-process together :blush: :

If you could choose and define a UI for this, what do you think would be the best approach?

I personally believe this would need an entirely new ui, to make it convenient (and not to confuse people who use Song-Mode as it is right now).

Some consideration:

  • Should you be able to add/queue patterns live?
  • Do you set an initial set of pattern before you start playing?
  • Is the data persistent after you are done playing, so you could use it again?

Add button - queue next, selects non-linear mode. Scroll/cursor to pattern line. Hit another button to queue next. Hit again to clear. Queue each step, - each new step has either number or colour in pattern indicating position in queue. Click again to deselect. Press loop and cursor/scroll to select number of loops before moving to next item.

This would make it part of what is currently song mode yes? I would find that a bit confusing.
Considering that maybe Song Mode gets more features in the future, probably a new screen with a similar UI may be better, no?

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I certainly cannot do all this in the time it takes an 8 beat pattern at 172bpm to tick by :slight_smile: . The current restrictions being that you cannot go to a previous pattern in song mode, looping the current pattern or moving to the next pattern is all there is. Another aspect of this process is that it doesn’t lead into being mapped to a midi command.

So… where do we stand then now? :laughing:

I think the MIDI Command for Program Changes - once implemented - could be a great way to get to something similar. As you could map a controller to specific patterns, which would allow for some very fast and dynamic structuring right on the fly.

Or would you like to proceed with this wish, which means we still got some work to do, to define how this mode should work exactly :blush:

Hey Sandroid,
if you mean MIDI commands for Pattern Changes, yeah that goes a long way to covers it,
(don’t forget all I wanted to do was queue any pattern next, so you could replay previously played patterns of the song)
but now you have got my creative juices flowing so I’ll be posting some ideas later.
Input, reaction and insight from other user would be great.


You asked!


:joy: and you delivered! I like it.

Could you do me a favor and update your initial wish/post with the new information? Possibly add an explanation for each individual picture. This will help Polyend tremendously to scout and understand this wish :heart:

You can loop current pattern, and change it on the fly in record mode. There is a glitch if pattern lengths are different but otherwise it’s fine.

Thanks for the suggestion but you still cannot move to a previous point in the song.
I’m looking for non linear movement between patterns in song mode.
You can do it in pattern mode, by queueing the next pattern so the tracker can physically do it.
I was just looking for similar functionality in song mode.
Midi control of playing pattern would be one solution but Sandroid wound me up and the imagination ran wild.

Hey! :laughing:

That’s what wishes are for! Coming up with improvements that actually could become useful and product enhancing behaviours. So yes, let the imagination run wild! :blush:

Not too wild though, since the OG Trackers computational power is limited after all :laughing:

That being said, did you update the initial post @mrgum6y . If not, please do that, so it reflects the current state of your wish.

I love tracker but I can’t understand why there isn’t program change in. I have 2 trackers and it would be 16 channels changing patterns in song mode but… Its impossible. Is one of the few machines that I have without program change in.

I’ll upload some annotated screen soon.
A big part of my suggestion will what can be abstracted in the current sound engine.
Could tempo, global effect state, or performance effect state be each an assignable object.
My screens suggest ideas like changing temp, changing global effects, changing performance effects to a pattern during playback. Assign any combination of these a state which can be triggered via MIDI or pad.

I definitely think that could be possible. It reminds me a lot of Digitakt’s Song Mode in fact.

The real question will be if Polyend considers this a valuable addition or if it something that won’t fit into their product roadmap or their design.