Listen to Program Change, to change patterns via Midi

It is not possible to change tracker patterns via midi with program changes.

What is the problem?

I would like to use my Elektron gear as the brain of my setup. When I change from pattern 1 to pattern 2 on the Elektron I would like the tracker change patterns as well via program changes. This is possible on every groovebox I own besides the tracker.

What do you want to achieve?

Receiving program changes would make the tracker a great part of dawless setup.

Are there any workarounds?

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


I’ve updated your wish to follow our template. :v:


@here thanks for the wish! It’s ready for voting :slight_smile:

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I vote for it! I can’t use Tracker and Play live right now because of this “issue”. Good with program change foot/hand pedals too (I use Elektron sequencers this way live!).

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A workaround and an arguably even more powerful way to change patterns via MIDI exists using CC41 to CC48 (performance mode track selection) but with a few caveats:

  1. You must be in performance mode.
  2. Pattern changes are queued and not instantaneous.
  3. 8 messages are required to change patterns on all 8 tracks.

A major benefit of performance mode track selection via MIDI over a more traditional program change is that you can mix and match patterns. But sadly there’s a bug in 1.7 that crashes and automatically restarts the Tracker if a stop message is received before the pattern change completes. A bug report has been filed and hopefully it will be addressed and resolved:

Automatic restart after MMC stop message following a CC41 to CC48 control change message in performance mode

+1 from me on this one as well <3

This would be awesome and open up all kinds of performative and experimental interactions

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really wish the same thing for Play since the release.

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Just registered so that I could vote for this.

We really need direct selection of playing pattern via program change commands over MIDI in pattern mode.

I can see why there might be hesitation on the part of the development team in implementing this, likely one major reason could be that in the current Tracker architecture there are 255 patterns. How about having two MIDI channels (settable in preferences) that listen for PC messages, one defines a lower range and the other an upper range.

Channel Mutes in Pattern Mode are also sorely needed to make this a live instrument. The performance mode is too clunky, especially on the Mini (user of both here) to really jam on it.
Everything about a musically playable UI needs to be “at the speed of thought” - and the trackers come agonizingly close in many regards, but this one needs external control - the control surface as-is isn’t cutting it when modal two-button shift-presses are needed.