Samples get cropped after upgrading from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0

I noticed one sample in a project being cropped after upgrading to 1.7.0. I isolated this one sample into a separate project, and the same thing happened there: on 1.6.0, there’s the full sample. On 1.7.0, it’s cropped. This can be reproduced by just switching between 1.6.0 and 1.7.0, and opening the same project. (56.0 KB)

I experienced a few freezes on 1.7.0, some happening in a project where this particular sample was used, even specifically around the time that the sample was played (slot 6 in Song Mode). But I unfortunately couldn’t fully reproduce these freezes - a few times they happened, but most of the time they didn’t. I included the project where I saw this happening on 1.7.0.

Diana (1.8 MB)

The commented part/issue was fixed by Randomly freezing during playback with buzzing sound at the output - #34 by miropoly


Hi @Wolfshoek Thank you for reporting both bugs. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues while using our product. We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready.

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@Wolfshoek Could you please attach the original source “Estige schop 2” sample file (.wav)?

@Wolfshoek can you help us with this and upload the sample which caused the issue please? Thanks for your support!

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Here’s the sample:

Estige schop (53.8 KB)

It’s also part of the Oneven FM sample pack: Oneven: FM Sample Pack - Polyend Tracker Scene

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I have the same issue. Upgraded from 1.6 to 1.7 then to 1.7.1. Had to locate the sample and overwrite the truncated one to fix.

Now that folders are allowed for projects, I did some house keeping on the directory structure on my mac. I created a folder under my name and moved all my existing projects into that. Could that have screwed things up?

@Wolfshoek I expect this is now fixed when Tracker 1.7.1 firmware update is available ? Did your freeze also have same characteristics as “Randomly freezing during playback with a buzzing sound at the output”? If yes, I will cross it off from your original post, to keep the focus on the issue described in the title.

For future, please read How to report bugs, and don’t report multiple problems in one topic. This helps us keep the relevant focus and be more effective in delivering bug fixes to you. Thanks again for your report and patience while we resolve it!

Thanks! You can strike the second issue I posted. I thought it was related to the cropped sample, because it happened a couple of times in the same project, but later I noticed it happening just randomly across projects. I do think it has been solved by 1.7.1, I haven’t had the issue since updating.

@Wolfshoek Thanks for the feedback. I commented the 2nd issue, as I couldn’t find a way to strikethrough :blush: We’re analysing and we’ll try to deliver a fix for 1st part soon. Cheers

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Done a few more tests and moving and renaming folders does not cause the sample truncation issue in 1.7.1. It occurs even if the folders and names are left as is. So bug still exists

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@bump909 thanks for your comment. We are aware of this problem since 1.7.0, as logged here and we’ll try to deliver a fix soon. At this point what can help us is sharing broken projects and/or samples, so we have a larger set of data to test and analyse. Thanks for your support and patience.

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Here you go. This is a part together with samples which gets chopped in v1.7.1 but plays ok in v1.6
test chopped (1.2 MB)

And this is one of the original samples which if you reimport, fixes the issue: (111.3 KB)

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@bump909 , once again thanks for your support. We’ll analyse these also and let you know when the fix is ready!

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@here I’m happy to inform that this bug was fixed with the 1.8.0 firmware update. :slight_smile:
Thank you for helping us improve the Tracker!


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