Tracker 1.7.1 firmware update is available

Hello Backstage!

We’re announcing the official Polyend Tracker 1.7.1 firmware update.


  • Randomly freezing during playback with a buzzing sound at the output
  • Occasionally Envelopes in Instrument Automation are skipped (not triggered) during playback
  • Playhead in Import window runs slower than audio playback after moving the endpoint
  • Time counter in the header (0m:00s) runs slower than real-time
  • Tap Tempo function is not accurately calculating the tapped tempo


  1. Download and extract the firmware file
  2. Copy the .ptf firmware file to your Tracker SD card > Firmware folder
  3. Optional: save your current project to avoid any potential data loss
  4. Navigate to Config > Firmware > Update Firmware > .ptf file
  5. Press Select and confirm with Yes
  6. Navigate to File > Create New Project to correctly initialize Config settings

The firmware update file is available here.

With kind regards
Polyend Team


After 1.7.1 update, still freezing when I scan through Radio frequencies with the jog wheel.

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I also deleted the hidden workspace folder, which didn’t solve for me.

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That would be expected as that issue was not part of the fixes for this particular patch.


I am dragging through the fm radiofreq on the sample recorder page on the 1.7.0 and no freezing.

Installed 1.7.1 hot fix , scrolling fast and slow through fm radiofreq and zero freeze.

What steps am I missing to replicate?

Hi @creativeunderdogs and @aaronmcfarlin , the fix for freezing when scrolling through radio frequencies is not part of this update. If you’re interested, you can follow and contribute to the topic here and we’ll inform you as soon as it gets fixed. Thanks

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Hi! All is good with 1.7.1, thank you devs for fast fix!


Hey, is anyone having problems with the volume and filter lfo?

Update 1.7.1 lfo volume stops at 24 available steps (all the other values ​​have disappeared as per the screenshot, I don’t remember if this was also the case in previous firmwares, but I don’t think so, it would be a rather strange choice) also lfo of the filter works, or better doesn’t work, very strangely, it doesn’t seem to follow the correct steps, and when pushed to “narrow” steps it simply stops working.

The master delay also has problems with the feedback control which seems to not be as precise as before. Is anyone experiencing these problems?

I installed the clean firmware, following all the steps (I had to do it with the Polyend Tool since it gave me an error directly from the Tracker). Thank you.

Hi @_noir , thanks for your comment. Please read my answers below:

This is by design.

Sorry you’re having issues with this feature. Please log a Bug and we’ll try to fix it asap.

Same as previous answer. Please log a Bug with some examples before and after, and we’ll analyse what could be wrong.

Thanks for your support


hey @miropoly , thanks for your reply.

I will open a bug report as soon as possible, these days I’m very busy and I’m using the Tracker for a set I’m preparing so I can’t jump from between firmwares easily.

24 steps is by design, ok, to be clear I never noticed that before now, but, why all the others lfo have more speed option? There’s a technical reason for that?

Just curiosity, by the way, in some scenarios (e.g ambient) having slower speed on the lfo can be useful, not everyday scenario, I know, but that’s why I noticed that, it was needed in a project I was working.

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Hi @_noir, yes indeed. There is a technical reason for this, it’s the way our LFO/Envelopes are designed and Volume is an exception.



After installing version 1.7.1 I noticed that some samples don’t play correctly. The playback only plays the beginning of the sample for just a fraction of a second. Curiously, the sample editor plays the full sample, but editing the sample doesn’t make any difference: the sample remains unusable. I don’t know whether this problem has been reported yet.

:laughing: ok ok… first of all - welcome to the community @Edanev :partying_face:

The problem you are experiencing is most likely caused by the Snap to Zero functionality, which is causing a bit of a stir. You can disable it via:

Config → Project Settings → Snap to Zero

This should resolve your issue for now.

Thank you very much, I’ll give it a try. Not the same issue, but are there plans for a sine LFO in a future firmware? I’m using the saw LFO for a wobbly bass, but after the first run of the pattern the track starts to click and pop. Perhaps a sine would solve the issue (or a way to reset the LFO on each run).

there is a couple wishes surrounding LFO’s at the moment:

But one asking specifically for a Sine LFO, does not exist yet.


Is the EQ master before or after the saturation effect ?
The saturation is so good, just trying to mitigate slightly in various parts of a project when playing live.

I’ve encountered an issue with firmware 1.7.1 and want to bring it to attention as it’s become very disruptive for work flow and project progression.
Patterns are copying / aliasing when jumping from one to the next, simply by moving from one to another with the jog wheel (not copying and pasting any entire pattern at all) it also happening when not in record mode.
I’ve had instances where it’s pasted a particular pattern multiple times … and I can only retrieve previous work by then reverting to the last saved project.
To give context the projects I work on are taking up the majority of the 255 available pattern slots as they are live sets and not single tracks, as it were.
Is anyone else having this issue?
I’d appreciate any discourse regarding this as I’m using the tracker so much atm and trying to finish new work . This has been happening more and frequently compromising newly written patterns as I switch between them and realising they are then just multiples of one I’ve been woking on.
Many thanks

I almost wetted myself reading the magic words ‘firmware update’ :nerd_face:

Completely ignored the number in the beginning… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
…then realised what it actually means :flushed: and cried. :sob:

Still cryng… :cry: …a little bit.


Ah… sorry for that
But yes :cry:
hopefully an easy enough fix :massage_woman:
Have you encountered this?