Sample Pitchshift-to-Tempo Calculator/Function

It would be nice if there was the chance to change the BPM of a loop by shift pitching it (not only with time stretching) with the PT calculating the tones and semitones to apply to the sample, in a non-destructive way, to achieve the change.

What is the problem?

When you sample a loop you don’t know the BPM and you want to adapt its tempo to your song by pitch-shifting it, now you can apply a time-stretch to it or you can calculate the amount of tones/semitones with external tools manually/by ear.

What do you want to achieve?

The idea is to have something internal that calculates the pitch transpose to set to a sample to get a defined BPM.

Possible ways to implement this:

Within Sampler Loader

  • Press Import
  • New Option for “Import & Pitchshift to Tempo”
  • Either with a popup to set the desired tempo or based on the current project tempo

Within Instrument Parameters

  • An Option to “Pitch to Project Tempo” or set the tempo manually.

Another possibility would also be a function that calculates the require Tune and Finetune, so that the user can apply this values themselfs.

Are there any workarounds?

You can do it with Tune/Finetune in Instrument Parameters by-ear/manually

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

In Maschine you can adapt a loop to the project tempo by re-pitching it, but the idea is to have something like

Do you mean a destructive edit on the new sample?
For example, something like this:

  • Go to the Sample Editor
  • Select Pitchshift Sample (doesn’t exist currently)
  • Set Tempo and then apply
  • Sample gets pitchshifted to fit into the selected tempo.

What you can already do now / workaround:
Currently you could use the Instrument Parameters to Tune/Finetune a sample to fit your tempo. And or play with the Note. But it’s a manual / by-ear process. Which is a very classic tracker technique.

I mean non destructive like you could do currently but instead of doing manual / by-ear is the tracker that says, for example, pitch up this sample by 1,54 cents to get the loop at 170 BPM - Yes for sure doing by ear is a solution :slight_smile:

Gotcha, see - those are some important details that define the request more precisely. :blush:

Can i ask you to update your wish to reflect this?
The more details we have and the more precise we define these, the easier it becomes for Polyend to understand and evaluate our wishes :heart:

ok :+1:

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I’m trying to think of places where this option / action could be placed.

  • What about in the Sampler Loader?
  • When you press import you have a new option “Import & Pitchshift”

What do you think?

I thought in Instrument Parameters something like “Pitch to New Tempo” (or something like that) in which you input the new bpm (that can be different from the song tempo, for example it can be half speed) and it shows how much you have to pitch it. Ideally the pitch should be applied not automatically (I like the fact that should be partially a manual operation :slight_smile: ) at the import time but the user can decide later/at anytime.

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I’ve updated the wish with the different implementation proposals we have come up with.

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@mikipepe73 thanks for the wish! It’s ready for voting! :wink:

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