Repitch algorithm

What is the problem?

Currently there is only one timestretching algorithm. It stretches sound in time in a classical way. I would like to get an algorithm that uses repitch. For example, renoise/redux sampler.

What do you want to achieve?

Let’s make a button in the timestretching beat effect, for example “T” or “Repitch” like in renoise, and by clicking on it, the pitch of the sample is adjusted to the bpm of the project using repitch. Then this is also applied to the sample and saved.

Are there any workarounds?

This can be done manually using tune and fine tune, but it would be very convenient if it were automated and worked with higher accuracy

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?
Renoise, Digitakt?

Hey @bsdelije1985 , thanks for your wish. There is a couple wishes regarding pitching samples.
There is also one that already includes what you are looking for:

There is a couple others as well:

But i think the first one is exactly what you are proposing here?
Please check them out and let me know if we can close this one as an accidental duplicate. :blush:

(oh and go vote on the one you want of course :laughing:)

yes, sorry, I think it’s the same “Sample Pitchshift-to-Tempo Calculator/Function”, you can close this topic:)

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As discussed, this wish will be closed in favor of the following wish: