Option: Automatically assign sample's pitch to its note to keep all samples in tune

Ability to assign instrument tuning based on file naming convention.

What is the problem?

People who have a lot of sample libraries tend to have their samples named with the corresponding notes that they were played in, for example the ARC/bass/bass_808_bang_F.wav is an F. But when you load these into a Pattern, the base version is assigned to Middle-C. Once you have many samples with different “base” notes, you have to do some math to tune them correctly in the instrument parameters.

What do you want to achieve?

Have the ability to use a predefined naming convention for samples. If a note/tuning information is at the end or the beginning of the filename, use this to automatically set the instrument tuning.
This should not be the default behaviour, but instead an option you can turn on in the Tracker Config.

Are there any workarounds?

Do it manually at the moment.

Any links to related discussions?

See comments in this Wish.

Any references to other products?

Not sure.

Hey @jason.aylward , thanks for your wish. I think we need to work out some kinks before we can send this to Polyend for review / prepare it for voting.

For example. I think there needs to be a certain rule how the files are named.

  • The Note should always be at the end or the beginning
  • I think it should also inlcude the octave that it is in

So for example:

  • C4-name_of_sample.wav or
  • name_of_sample-F3.wav or
  • C#3-name_of_sample.wav

This way, also programmatically it is easier to identify. Without such a rule, it would be difficult to identify that you would want to assign this to a specific note/octaive and it would be necessary to have a selection step in between, where the user would have to choose the Note and Octave themselfs.

What do you think?

Hey, thanks for the help! I agree that there needs to be a strict naming convention, ideally something that’s backwards compatible with the existing sample packs so current users don’t have to reload everything they currently have.

That said, it would probably make the octave feature an optional part of the rule.
name_F#.wav: gets loaded to the middle-F#
name_F#3.wav: gets loaded to the 3rd octave F#

I am personally less concerned with designating the octave because I’m mostly focused on being able to understand melodies and chords across different samples with different base-notes.

Hey @jason.aylward , sorry for the delay, been super busy last week. I’ve updated the wish to be more generalized. I hope that it still reflects your wish :blush:

@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile: