Setting manually an instrument's base note

First, two questions.

  1. Whenever I record a one-shot sample, and load it as an instrument, does the tracker-mini automatically always assign it to C5 ? This is not stated in the manual, or at least nowhere obvious.

  2. Is C5 the trackers ‘middle C’ ? (i.e Midi Note number 60?)

Given these two answers, my issue: If I record a sample that I know is two octaves below, let’s say a D3 (with respect to C5) , how do I set the instrument to know that the base sample is a D3 and not a C5 and behave accordingly when I program it?

I’m aware of this, which is related, but maybe more basic than that is that there no way to check/modify the sample - to - note assignment. I’ve also noticed that for some base instruments that use slice/beat slice, then the default note because C0. These defaults are quite unclear to n00bs like me :slight_smile:

Help would very much be appreciated :slight_smile: !

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You need to set its tuning in the note parameters page. So if it’s D4 you tune up 10 semitones, so that c5 is almost an octave higher than the actual sample. It should then sound right at D4.

Oh, I kinda suspected that to be the case :slight_smile: UX wise, it smh feels it would be nice to have/set the key directly somewhere anyways hehe , but the tuning will do for now. Thanks a lot for the reply!

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