Polyend Play 1.5 and beyond

hey, polyend team! first and foremost, thanks for continuous support of your products. manufacturers don’t always practice such thing, but when they do people remember that.

however, could you, please, give us, Play users, some general thoughts about your plans on this device? It’s easy to notice you’re all about trackers now, so maybe Play is doomed? In case if not, it would be interesting to know how many patches will be there, some roadmap, probably? Not just next patch (it would be too easy to answer), but like… how many wishes are you going to implement? some, 10%, half of them? I’m curious, because some wishes like «Ability to combine multiple chance options» sit in the draft branch since May, while it was originally posted in January. It was said that the topic starter hasn’t followed the posting rules, but even when it’s done correctly, there’re no signs it was even considered. We keep in mind that even «considered» and upvoted wishes have no guarantees to be implemented, but that’s another topic. This is just an example that makes me think that it won’t become something bigger than it is now, but maybe you have a different opinion.

also, if possible, please, give your comment on this: Using Play’s grid as a general purpose midi launchpad. can we consider it like «off the table»? without false hopes.



Hi there,

what makes you think Polyend is ‘all about trackers’ now?

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Man, I hope the Sample slicing feature makes it into the next update, theres potential for so many cool opportunities available, like creating sample chains of sounds and slicing these up, randomising sample slices using the chance, randomise and playback algorithms, playing back slices chromatically etc :crossed_fingers:


As with every company, they have to focus on their latest product the most. At least they supply updates and new features to the original (and my preferred) tracker. I really love the updates that the Tracker has gotten recently. The Play will certainly receive updates in the future, but give it some time.


Not to worry, Play isn’t doomed. :grinning: The Tracker is older than Play and still getting updated.

The Tracker firmware 1.7 had been in the works for so long that we were 100% sure what would be on it. I don’t want to give anything away for Play 1.5 at the moment as it is subject to change/features being rescheduled to 1.6 and beyond. Also hard to promise exactly what the roadmap will be as it is dynamic and will change from what I would write today. However, we are listening to the voter forum and it will factor into future updates.


Hey Polyend Team!

Thank you so much for creating the instruments you do! You are a young company and yet in your time you manage to make some of the most pleasing and inspiring musical electronic instruments to date … like since the beginning … :wink: 8)

The play is an such a creative force, the ‘very ‘hands on way’’ you can interface with composition and speed is superb! It opens doors to spiraling rain of grooves Ive not seen on other sample devices.

Sure we all wish it had a proper sampler but just as is; the Play a rather complete and well thought out concept.

IMO this would complete the unit as a solid sample and seq workstation:

Slicing ( this just speaks for itself, what you can do with this + fills

Sample Looping (option for number loop repeats) this + fills (and on slices) just explodes into an array of a creative expression

Loop bar of patter (must for workflow

Master Tuning (for tuning everything at once with alternative sessions/ samples/ live artist/ w@ever … you don’t expect us to do this step by step do you :wink:

CC maps (just elevates the workflow and seriousness it as MIDI sequence

Loading a stereo option (for proper resampling within the unit

… there are so many others would love to have but these (along with a rock solid OS) would just complete the unit for me personally …

Again tip of my hat to your craft … your doing amazing things …

Much love <3


yet, it seems like Play has less powerful compute unit inside, according to some feature requests that were refused due to limitations. ADSR, for example. that’s why I was thinking that the team don’t have big plans on it.

As a polyend play owner, who just got a polyend tracker mini. I see how you could feel the way you do… but they are 2 different logics and not likely to out do the other. Companies are not built on a product, at least the good ones aren’t. They are built on a belief. Polyend has brought to products into existence which express their beliefs. The tracker and play will both live on. Be glad and enjoy being a polyend owner!

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The Play has a more powerful processor than the Tracker, but slightly less powerful than the Mini. But @dimi3 is right, they really work very differently. The Play is sequencing a whole lot more parameters and calculating a lot more probabilities per step than the tracker, or your average groovebox.


@Mitch wink if Play will get another update before December :face_in_clouds:


Tap tempo …hint hint please.

Will you still provide upgrades to the original Play after launching the Plus version?

I hope this answers your question :blush:

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It surely does! Thank you

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Any news on a 1.5 Play firmware update? Last update was June 2023…

Hi @christophe.tornieri , we had 1.4.2 update about a month ago: Play Firmware 1.4.2 and Play+ Firmware 1.0.1 (Final Release)
We don’t have a date for 1.5 planned yet. Thanks for your question.


OK thanks.

any news about play 1.5? the last update haven’t introduced any new features, only bugfixes, and it was a while ago. or maybe there was no actual reason to make wishes and vote?

that comes across pretty rude, fyi.
maybe it’s not intended but it sounds it.

it’s known they’re working on the next update. all in good time.


Is there any chance to support import midi loop like a sample?