Ability to combine multiple chance options

What is the problem?

“Chance” can be only used with one action at a time. We have only one layer of live randomization which can be limiting. “Randomize” setting allows some additional options, but it doesn’t provide live randomization.

What do you want to achieve?

The ability to combine multiple “Chance” settings. For instance, select “Play Step” action and use 70% chance, then select “Random Sample” action and use “Play 1 Skip 1”.

Are there any workarounds?

Make longer sequences out of short ones, maybe – to apply different chances to the same notes in different positions/pages. But such chances won’t be applied at the same time, obviously. And it won’t be convenient to handle.
Also won’t work with already long sequences.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

M8 allows at least two different randomizations per note. More with its “tables”.


Thank you, just a couple of clarifying questions:

Does “bake in” mean that a randomization has been applied already and it’s now static?

Are you referring to “Chance/Action”, “Randomizations/Randomization type” or both?


as it was mentioned in the second section of the wish, the focus is on the “chance” setting here which randomizes sounds of a step each time it plays. for now, only one “chance” setting can be applied which is not enough. “randomize” knob allows player to find a starting point and stick with it, but it doesn’t randomize step each time a step plays, obviously.

“Bake in” means that current (active/live/“chance”) randomization settings are applied to a step, so user could tweak the “chance” knob further, creating another active randomization to be applied at the same time. Basically, it’s about layering this setting. If user will be able to switch between such layers and tweak previously applied “chance” later, great. If won’t, it’s not a big deal: benefits of having more “chances” at the same time is more important than tweaking previously applied chances.

Do you mean that the sample could be rendered or flattened? I’d love that workflow.


I don’t think it’s possible and I don’t know if there’s a real need for it here. For example, user wants to apply “humanize” and “panning” chance, so each time a step plays, it’s a different stereo image and slightly different micromovements. For now, it’s not possible. These are two different settings that should be applied at the same time, no pre-renders needed, at least in this case.

Multiple “chance” settings (or a workaround) is my only urgent whish for the Play.
Really missing that too.

Wouid the workflow you envision go like this?

  1. Select “Play Step” action and use 70% chance.
  2. Select “Random Sample” action and use “Play 1 Skip 1”
  3. etc for the rest of actions available, if you wish.

Side comment: conceptually, perhaps it makes more sense to give more importance to the Action that to the Chance. You are more likely to think first what effect you wants i.e. Cut Off and then think the chance you want rather than the other way around. However, the hierarchy of Chance first is printed on the Play, and no software can change that. :slight_smile:

yeah, kind of. user could press some button or a shortcut, so the device could save current “chance” settings. screen would show that some “chance” was applied previously (little icon when such step is selected?), and at this point user could repeat the process with the “chance” knob for other settings.

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Thank you, @ambivalence. I have removed the “baked in” language because I think it is unnecessary and makes the wish more difficult to understand (at least for a couple of us here). I hope the current version explains the wish you’re after.