Disappointed by essential missing features

I think this sums it up. Also, “essential” is subjective.

Ability to combine multiple chance options has 13 votes, which currently makes it the 18th most voted Play wish.

In the end the Play is a step sequencer. The fact that values are recorded by step is a reasonable expectation. Recording continuous automation is a good idea. There is no wish created for it and I only recall a related discussion on Advice on sequencing smoothest as possible CC automations / sweeps? If it is important to you, you could create that wish.

This was recently discussed on MIDI record multiple notes on the same step via external controller. I agree that the explanation on Are the Polyend Play MIDI channels polyphonic? could be made more clear. What it means is that at any given time it is possible to have up to 30 MIDI notes coming from a combination of MIDI chords in different tracks. Up to 30 simultaneous MIDI notes with 20 chords to choose from per step probably cover the essential needs of most users.