Polyend Play 1.5 and beyond

Agreed. They’ve been pretty transparent and have communicated at least once that 1.5 was not coming until this summer. As it is not summer yet, I say we should just relax and wait.

Getting new firmware is one of the funnest things about owning a synth because you get to learn about the device all over again and good firmware inspires new workflows. It helps keep things fresh. I also applaud Polyend for seeking out suggestions for new features. Polyend released new products and firmware for other devices during this time so it’s obvious they are doing considerable and impressive work. I will say this prolonged wait is challenging for those of us who are impatient and I wish we could at least access a beta version. I know there was a bug fix firmware released a while back but I feel like it would be amazing if at least one new feature was always added even for bug fix releases. I think that would be a great policy albeit likely impractical. It certainly would keep inspiring users.
Regarding the release the Polyend team posted this late last year which definitely contributed to the excitement over the release date:
As mentioned in the email to subscribers, we have plans for firmware updates for all of our devices in 2024.
Early next year Play and Play+ will get MIDI performance modes, and the Tracker and Tracker Mini will see updates soon as well, we will likely launch bug fix updates for both Trackers before new features.
I am just excited to see what they came up and I really want to use many of the features users imagined and suggested. Looking forward to it…

there’s huge gap between creating a subforum with wishes and actually implementing something. I invite everyone to find at least couple of wishes that were implemented since the release. I remember just one.

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I can understand Polyend had to put a lot of energy into the preparation, launch and landing of the new Tracker, but when will the attention shift back to the Play?

Anything on the sunny Play / Play+ summer update?

Really looking forward to the MIDI Performance Mode and hopefully something like a lean and mean USB Storage mode.

Do you need Beta testers for this update release?


No ETA for the Play firmware upgrade at the moment, I would guess it would be at least a month before an update is ready, but I’m just guessing. Play/Play+ updates are in the works and happening next. You can apply for the beta here.