Overlapping octaves in pad note input controller for better playability

What is the problem?

In the pad style note input controller, each page contains different scales with no overlaps. While this is logical, it makes very complicated to play a melody using notes from contiguous scales in different pages.

For instance, when the user has a diatonic scale selected in Settings (i.e. C Minor), each octave range page covers four octaves. So with the first page the user can play notes from octaves 1st to 4th, with the second page they can play octaves 5th to 8th and so on. Switching between octave ranges is done by pressing the green (violet for MIDI) pads on the upper row. But what if the the user wants to record a melodic line goes from 4th octave to 5th and back several times? Currently they have to switch between pages, and that can mess up their performance. It’s also not very handy for composing and live improvisation.

Also, all scales (except the chromatic) use only three or two pages of the four available. Half the pages practically serve no purpose.

What do you want to achieve?

Record melodic lines without having to switch octave range pages for contiguous scales. This could be achieved if octave ranges pages were overlapping, making a better use of the four pages available. For example, with one overlapping octave, the first page would contain octaves from 1st to 4th, the second page would contain octaves from 4th to 7th, the third - from 7th to 9th. Would be great if the notes would spread uniformly across the four available pages.

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

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@5020780 I like this wish a lot because it finds a problem (contiguous scales in different pages make real-life playing unnecessarily difficult), a missed opportunity (in most situations only 2-3 of the 4 note pages are used), and an elegant solution (overlap scales to make use of the four pages).

I have edited your wish to follow the same names used in the manual, and also to explain the problem better to someone not familiar with it.

The only thing that I would change is this:

Instead of adding a new setting, why not having all scales spread out through the four pages? Page one starts with the first note available, page 4 ends with the last one, and 2-3 are the logical paginations in between. The 7-note scales would have one pagination different than the 5-note scales and both would make the best use of the 4 pages. Maybe a clever programmer can even write a function that spreads the notes across the four pages automatically, so that chromatic and any other scale with other number of notes (including Custom user scales, that can be microtonal if one day is implemented) could be laid out automatically without having to hardcode any value to each scale.

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@icaria36 thank you for editing this!

Yes, you’re totally right. No need to introduce a new setting. A smart algorithm that spreads notes of a scale unoformly across all the pages would be a much better solution.


@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:


I found a similar wish that basically adresses the same issue: Scroll the Play's Grid Notes view one row at a time
That one has more votes. So I’ll move my vote there too.

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Is it ok to close this wish then?

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Yes, I think so.