More than 2 step fx (Tracker Mini and Plus)

The user wants to be able to use more than 2 step fx. This could happen by means of using the dsp power of the neighbouring track. A “through”-instrument could perhaps be an option for this by referencing to the track adjacent to it.

What is the problem?

Using more than 2 step fx is not possible.

What do you want to achieve?

To be able to use more fx per step maybe it would be possible to have a “through” instrument.
With which the referenced track to the left will be able to use 2 more fx. So you give up a step in the neighbouring track to use its effect calculating power.

Are there any workarounds?

Render to audio

Any links to related discussions?

Probably asked for a lot but really couldnt find.
Maybe asked for a lot for the OG tracker, but the Mini perhaps really has the possiblity in processing power.

Similar request has been made for the OG Tracker

Any references to other products?

Octatracks Thru machines?


Thank you for a well formulated request! :heart:

I’ll add this here, just to temper expectations.
The wish was made for the OG Tracker, so maybe not all hope is lost. :hugs:

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Haha you literally mentioned it in that wish that it could happen to the Mini. :blush:

So, it has to go through the dev team to go from draft to wish?

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Correct. We (us moderators) prescout requests and make sure they are concise before sending them in to Polyend for Review and (possible) approval. :muscle:

This would be awesome. I often end up wishing for at least one more, to just use as a utility lane if that makes sense. Anyway, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t3:

Just want to add my vote to this one. Would really appreciate having three fx slots instead of just two.

@env Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:


Changing title to reflect this is only acceptable for Mini and Plus devices, OG is out of scope of this wish :slight_smile:


Absolutely gets my vote!!

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something tells me this one will fly up the charts :grin:


And my axe vote!

I often run out of FX when using chords+arpeggio, both leaving nothing for filter or volume sweeps.
This would definitely open even more possibilities.

Took some time to become a wish.

And actually, why not…
With something like a “through instrument” it should be possible to use all tracks effecting the same sample on the first track.

That would be :exploding_head:


In my worst Trump impression: “This would be HUUUUGE”

Yes please add this.

Ofcourse these are all perhaps possible solutions for when processingpower has to be divided.

But what would be more elegant then the idea stated above is to be able to just move effectlanes over to another track.

Then theres also not the problem of how to solve this in the mixer.

I also wonder if processing is the limiting factor for FX, with everything else going on (synths, EQs, limiter, etc.).

I wonder if the existing slots could just be overloaded, so you press shift-FX1 to get to FX3, shift-FX2 to get to FX4. That would be much easier to work with than using neighboring tracks IMHO, though I also don’t know how you’d show them (expand all tracks to four FX slots or have to manually turn them on, like when you’re holding 1 on the mini to pick which columns to show).

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Maybe switch the note/instr lane off/invisible which results in using the 2 fx lanes for the track on the left?

Right, the question is would you want to see note, instrument, and four fx slots, but for only two tracks at a time? I think that would be great as an option. Otherwise just keep it like it is, with maybe some tiny indicator that there are more FX? Like a dot to the left of FX2 or something?

They could add another bottom bar view (or shift things in record and FX mode). Display the additional FX Lane.

I vote this request up as well.