Is it possible to play just part of a pattern while editing?

Let’s say I’m working on a 4 bar pattern, is there a way to just loop the last bar, or loop a selection, or a way to start playing at a position?

Basically what I want is to not have to listen to the whole pattern whenever I make a change at the end.

I believe not. But I’d also find it very useful.

Maybe you can turn this into a wish? There’s a similar wish for the Tracker.

Edit: Oh, and for related discussions, I think this wish about rendering a selection into a sample is relevant. It may even be something that would make sense to implement at the same time, as both ideas revolve around working with a selection only.

I have a wish up for voting that covers this purpose :slight_smile:

Maybe something like hold a pad and press play or something could work. It gets a little tricky with the way certain Chance modes work, (like skip 1 - play 1) when starting mid-pattern. Probably would still be useful even if that particular thing didn’t work exactly correctly. At least it would be easily explained.