Introducing Play+

Introducing Play+

We are proud to present our new instrument, the Play+ Sample and Synth-Based Groovebox

What’s new?

Integrated Synthesizers: 4 synthesizers models: 3 Analog emulations and 1 FM Operator based model. Each synthesizer has six editable macros and a tons of patches. Play+ operates with up to 8 Voices assigned per patch shared between 3 synths per project.

Stereo Samples: Utilizing stereo samples for more expression and creativity. And because it is what you’ve been asking for!

Audio over USB: 14 stereo channels out to the connected device.

Play+ inspires straight out of the box. The synth engine is fast and easy to use, to allow you sculpt and morph sound with a suite of intuitive multi-macros.

With Play+ you can sequence MIDI tracks, stereo samples, and leverage the latest synth engines all at once, delivering a comprehensive experience. Play+ offers over 2x faster loading time for projects.

You want more?

Each track can be sent to your DAW separately, ensuring precision and flexibility in post-production. This isn’t just about ease of transfer; it’s about amplifying your potential in mixing, mastering, and live performances. With up to 14 stereo tracks add polish to your completed songs, enhance your tracks with external effects, or add depth during a live set — Play+ is built to compliment every stage of your creative process.

Check out our new Play+ website

Available now.

We hope you’ll love it!


Congrats :partying_face:

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Thank you for this. I was critical in the past and stopped. I just started playing and using the device for what it was. Fun. I will be doing the upgrade. Happy I did not sell or let my emotions get the better of me!


Very nice update.

However it still doesn’t sample so still not for me.

At this price and nowadays, I find it a bit too limiting to consider it.

Hey Everyone,

First Play isn’t being discontinued. I’ll start a separate thread about plans for Play/Play+

Also if you bought Play a month ago, shoot us an email and we can help you out.


I can’t buy it site is overloaded lol :frowning:

edit: managed to snag one, but given no instructions on what to do next, site has my order under order, but not confirmation email yet even probably because of the server load.

edit again: got instructions finally, starting to pack it.

Bros … chill out with the ‘‘my panties are on backwards’’ attitude…

I can understand the frustration if you just bought a mk1 a day ago and Polyend should offer some sort of discount based on date of purchase tbh. … but the upgrade path is there … so just commend them for having that door open rather than complaining about the amount in the vine glass (you have options for stereo and usb streaming now …)…OK …so no hard feelings, its time to celebrate … I mean listen to these … I am so impresses, sounds so much more raw/ authentic than the usual VST or Akais

. I mean I have it to give it to the Poles … First Telsa and now Polyend synths :wink: … the sounds seriously good … like damm fine digital …

some Questions

do the synth engines not map fully across the 15 encoders ? … just seams counter innovative, specially considering the hands on workflow … would hate to have to program via scroll menu … & if not will this be addressed? …seams like you guys are better than 6 macros across 3 encoders … and is the per step ‘‘lock’’ limeted only to 3 macros?

3 instance /presets per project ??, will this be updated …

So Hats off … you guys know how to code … really great sounding synths arsenal and the stereo is just so '23 :wink:

Aslo missed opportunity on WTFM synth engine … Always wanted a synth engine named a RTFM 8)

First, congrats on the new device. Everything else aside, Play+ seems very cool.

Personally, at this point, I don’t need another synth source. Especially mixed into the same stereo output with the audio from the samples. (I mix live while jamming, for Twitch livestreams.) I bought Play as a sequencer and a sample playback wonder / drum machine from another planet. Stereo samples are great and I wish the original Play had them but at this point I don’t need to spend $400 to get them. USB streaming is neat but I am fine with the stem export. Another stereo output would have potentially pushed me over.

Bottom line is, I hope that the firmware trajectory for the original Play, which I bought three months ago, will continue just a little longer. It is still buggy and has some big quality of life deficiencies/issues with MIDI sequencing.


Hi @a.radder , thanks for your comment. Please consider logging a Bug if you have specific issues to share with us. This will help us fix and deliver them faster to you.

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How likely is it that the tracker/tracker mini gets the same synths added to it? Given the aggressive time frames for updating their hardware, maybe a new tracker is a few months away. :thinking:

In my opinion it makes more sense for the tracker to have built in synths.

The only way synths built in to the Play makes sense is if you can ‘play’ them in perform mode. So, maybe this release is a bit premature as this feature hasn’t been implemented yet.

I would not consider on board synths on the Play until AT LEAST the ‘pitch shift’ functionality of perform mode works on the synth side.

Otherwise, it may make more sense to sequence on the tracker.

What do you guys think about the trackers getting these synths?


I’d love to see these synth engines on the mini :100:


Would have thought synths would be a third grid page but it seems to have replaced the MIDI? (Okay so it’s shared… a sad compromise IMO)

I bought my Play when searching for a cool master sequencer. Sold my Beatstep Pro for it. 8 tracks is a bare minimum I was looking for in a sequencer. So the synths eat into that to an undesirable degree for me.


i as well hope to see a third grid dedicated to synths to free up the midi tracks again :heart:


Yep. “Upgrade” seems like a bit of a misnomer when you factor in the loss of MIDI tracks and sample storage (3min stereo vs 6min mono). Is there an option to force mono in the Play+ sample load process? As a new device, again, Play+ seems super super cool. Unfortunately I already bought the Play for what it was and what it seemed it could become with fw.

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Do like the look of the new synth engines, and very interested what else is in the road map now :).


It’s been stated that firmware 1.5 will be addressing Performance mode for MIDI, so that is eventually incoming.

As for the Sampling, my impression from the many wishes I’ve read in the past, Polyend make it clear that the Play will never be a sampler. Maybe the ++ will address this or some form of the Play in the future, but I wouldn’t expect this to happen in the current iteration of the Play.

To be frank, it’s not a feature I want or need, but just being frank about what I’ve read from past rejected wishes.

Sample slicing mode is the most voted feature request for Play on the Wishlist. It was accepted by the Polyend, meaning that they think it is technically possible.

In general, if you are missing any feature in the Play, now it is a good time to check the Wishlist , vote for your preferred wishes or propose new ones. As a reminder, everyone gets 10 votes they can use and change.

You can use the Wishlist for play-plus wishes as well.

Let’s use this topic to discuss the new Play+.


Although a third page for synths sounds good in a first impression, thinking a bit further I wonder in which situations people will hit a limitation with the shared page for MIDI & synths. There are eight tracks, every track can carry different MIDI values and synths, and every pad can produce a chord if needed. There might be a reason to fill 8 pads for simultaneous audio coming from MIDI and synths (plus 8 for samples, that’s 16 simultaneous sound sources)… like very thick ambient textures or very complex polyrhythmic structures… orchestral music?

Three pages also means more moving around and more effort keeping in your head the actual structure of the music you are producing. Two pages means, one for samples (which is a type of behavior) and one for synths (local, MIDI, up to you).

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