Discussion: Play users and the Play+ launch

Bought my Play at full price 4 months ago, I feel cheated. If I’d known this was on the roadmap I would have waited.


I understand why we haven’t had an update lately. It’s borderline shameful


Bought mine 4 weeks ago for 800 Euro. :cry:


Very disappointed


You decrease the price of a product by 40% overnight and selling it still remains sustainable and profitable for you. It’s lovely to know how big of a premium all the current Play owners had to cough up. :slight_smile:

I could use harsher words but to keep it simple - I think your business model is shameful and I will never spend another dime on anything related Polyend.

For such a niche market we are lucky to have so much competition between companies!


I ordered mine last week and it’s scheduled to arrive today. I woke up this morning to the news and to say I feel ripped off is an understatement.


It does say to contact them if you order it within the last month, assuming they will hook you up

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Then this should make you happy :blush: :


You guys have to be a bit more tactful with your release schedule and products. Build trust with your supporters, we like the products, but the business side needs some work.


So if we were unlucky enough to purchase the play earlier this year we’re SOL? $400 seems quite steep to upgrade when the unit costs what we payed for the previous model without a synth engine… as everyone has said this is not how you inspire brand loyalty. I really like your products they’re fun and intuitive and would love to have the capabilities of the + but this just hurts knowing I could’ve waited a few months to get this functionality for the price I paid previously


Cut the price of the upgrade and maybe I’ll be less angry. Sorry guys but I’m so pissed.
Do you think that paying 1200 euros to have the exact same machine that you sell for 799 euros is fair ? Is like shiting on people who believed in Polyend and bought the product just a year and a half.


Agreed. Ben Jordan posted a $200 off coupon to his Patreon. If you have the ability to do it for $200, price it as such.

I bought my play a few months back and have only recently had the time to sit down and mess with it. I genuinely feel ripped off.


It’s not unlike what all the other companies are doing. When you buy for instance a smartphone, it will be superseded the next year too. The new model is introduced at (hopefully) the previous price and last year’s model is then discounted, which usually is the perfect opportunity to buy the old model.

Seems like this should stay in the discord. Ijs

Email Polyend your concern.

Not good looks on many in here.


With the price cutdown of the (old) Play you’re already are at a loss when you try to sell it in disgust and rage quit moment. You still can use it like you always use it with the knowledge that the other one exists. You don’t have to care about that.

What is PolyEnd to do? Can they upgrade the old Play with a new PCB and a faceplate if possible?
What would be the costs of such a refurbishing? Half the price of a new one may be too steep or not. But PolyEnd is no charity.

Who is to say that in a years time a Play++/II/2 won’t appear? The development of mobile device CPU’s rages on.

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It is unlike what other companies are doing, I don’t know why you would say that. What Polyend has done here is more or less unprecedented in the music gear market and not in a good way. You’d be hard pressed to find similar examples and that’s for a reason! Smartphones are not music gear!

New laptops and smartphones come out so often because they are always pushing the hardware and specs further and further. Every year the CPU is more powerful than the last. This is not so with music hardware! There are devices from years ago that have the same “specs” or “power” as the Play. The only reason Play didn’t exist years ago is that no one designed it not because it was not possible. Not so with computers. Music gear is all about user interface and its design.

I don’t know why you would defend such a short product cycle, it’s in the interest of consumers that companies put out devices which are well designed and don’t need a redo so quickly after launch.


Before assuming malice, I think they have cornered themselves a bit during the chip crisis with their initial design and now want to move on from the old underpowered hardware to stay competitive.

I believe that there is hardly a perfect way to handle such a transition without great financial loss to the company (e.g. by replacing all previous units at their own cost) or screwing over customers (by devaluing their expensive purchases) in the process.

I personally don’t like short product life-cycles either and I would strongly disapprove if Polyend repeated this regularly, but I don’t believe that this is their intent. To me at least, they have always appeared like a company that does care about their customers.


I’m not angry they updated as everything gets updated, I’m angry my 3 month old Polyend has literally been made worthless overnight by them making it now £450. Most companies will reduce their old product by an about £100 with the new version being a maybe £100 more than the last current price as it’s a new update with more features and that is perfectly fair to me.
But doing what they have is just a joke! And they want £400 for me to swap out to the new one and that just adds more of an insult!


As a dedicated supporter, I feel kinda slighted. I understand innovation cost, but alot play users feel that the upgrade cost to play plus balance with the decreased price of the basic play is a lot to swallow. I own 4 Polyend devices and I like the upgrade but 400 is a little much for me. Idk


I for one am excited for the upgrade. The synth voices look awesome and quite deep. For a second I was bummed there wasn’t a dedicated drum synth, but realized the VAP and WTFM engines are more than capable of generating some good drum sounds, albeit with a bit more menu diving than I’d like. I was considering selling my Play as it hasn’t meshed as well with my rig as the tracker, but this upgrade addresses a lot of what I was missing. A bit bummed I didn’t catch the discount code though :sweat_smile: