Discussion: Play users and the Play+ launch

Me too, if i had the code, it would be a no brainer


Hi Just wondering if there was any news on the specs of next year’s Play++?


I have ordered a Play+ today. (not upgraded since I feel more convenient to order a new machine and try to sell the Play 1…).

As I’ve done with all the Polyend products: product announcement → order. The same day.

Honestly I can’t understand the 1 month exclusive special upgrade policy. All the early adopters like me (just 17 months…) feel like crap now.

I think you should think to something more sound and serious to meet our feeling.
At the very end we are the ones making Polyend going forward.

Yes someone like me did make an impulse purchase, but on the long run if we see this kind of weird behavior (1 months buyer get a special condition, early adopters are lost…) we will start abandone the brand and lose any interest. What I do suggest it’s a coupon code or any other idea :writing_hand: that would not let us feel so stupid to believe in Polyend.

I understand thay you as a company want to boost profits, but this time you could have being doing it differently.
And I appreciate the huge improvement of the Play+ and all the effort to make another great machine.
It’s normal to see a new model popping out someday, but why lower the Play1 price so much?
Its’ a clear choice to look at new clients more than care of retention… We aficionados have been sacrified. Huge price drop. So we lost half the value of our Play1 units.

Play1’s price was dropped overnight, (a 300 price drop killed the 2nd hand market and any chance to sell our gear fairly…).
And more: why don’t give a more fair upgrade policy for ALL the owners (cmon it’s just 17 months…) and not only to the 1 month old clients?

It’s your turn to make some smarter moves now.

And please: put us first than Ben Jordan or other influencers. They could be cooler, smarter and more appealing than us, but believe me getting a machine for free it’s not the same to save money and bet on your products. We are the ones that bet on you.
Would any of thos influencers actually pay some money to buy your machines like us, or would they pass since they could look at a long list of analytical CONS?
We are the ones that look at pros, we are the one that look at your brands with they eyes of a loving one. And we saw you kissing and … ing with Ben J. What a sad scende :sweat_smile:

It was sad to know that coupon codes were shared on Discords or some YT channel.
WTF? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
We are your customers, you shoud care of us more than everyone else.

You can’t change your destination overnight but you can change your direction …

We’ll wait for you.

With respect by an old and loyal customer…


Exactly the same here, plus… I can’t use it with MIDI due to clock and polyphony bugs, I basically paid 800 for a brick which now Is worth 500, which I could sell at 400 maybe? that is rough


I bought the Polyend Play only one year ago… asking me to pay 400€ + 50€ shipping costs to get the upgrade to Polyend Play + makes 1250€… not happy with this deal. As i understand now, i bought an instrument for 800€ that’s only worth 500€ now…


Hmmm… In two minds about this I can understand people’s anger… and I am also angry to a degree… the resale value of my machine just dropped significantly… though I can also see that this upgrade allows for a host of new capabillities… that said I live in the UK no idea how much shipping is but sure it will not be cheap! Then there is the whole what can happen to my machine either side of the Atlantic issue.
Should I just stay with my machine as is? The cost for the upgrade brings the machine into Deluge waters and a friend of mine is selling his machine but then I’ll get less now for the resale of my Play.
Just wish they had brought out midi access for the parameters like volume then my ipad or Akai controler could help the show.


One thing that is unclear to me is what the original unit that we are sending in being used for.

Are you refitting them with the new processor, changing the faceplate and then selling them as new + models, or are you cleaning them up and putting them back into the market as new original Plays?


I think the upgrade price is a tough pill to swallow because if the play originally cost $799 + the $399 upgrade price you are now paying $1098 for a product other first time buyers are paying $799 for. That just feels so wrong and psychologically it’s like you are being punished for initially supporting the product. It’s too bad the release price for the play+ wasn’t $899 and the previous version was reduced in price to $699 with a $200, or preferably less, upgrade path. I really like the items polyend continues to develop and I appreciate their work but this rollout needs to be rethought because otherwise people will no longer see your products as having real value. You proved it by cutting the price essentially in half overnight. You simply can’t do that and expect people to be ok with it. We all work hard for our money and we want to feel like it’s money well spent. This truly has the opposite effect.


Everyone on backstage should have been sent a discount coupon for the play upgrade. We are here because we believe in your products and want to make them become the best possible versions. This would have been a wonderful way to reward your loyal base. I’ve been a strong advocate of the tracker and play but I feel pretty burned by the release of the Play+ after such a short time span. I’m not liking my options here - $429 + shipping and my Play (which I paid full price for and is only a few months old) in exchange for a play+ is not a path that appeals to me. If we had been offered the upgrade at a lower price point I would have jumped on it.


I would like to add on that, alot of people I seen, in the boards, was expecting Tracker 2. It was looking it was going in that direction, you had a sale on OG Tracker, and the Mini had a lot of features that people were wishing to be in the next variation of the tracker (built in battery, audio streaming ,etc…)

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Oh my, there’s so much negativity around this release.

I’m very excited about it, as it solves a lot of the day to day issues I’m having and opens up tons of new opportunities. And I’m sure you can do even more magic in future firmware updates for both the OG and the Plus.

I think the upgrade option is great. I hope you’re using the returned Plays for something good (refurbishing, reuse parts) and don’t just throw them in the dumpster. Please elaborate a little more on the plans for that.

Keep up the good work, Polyend!


Hi, a moderation note to keep the discussions on topic. We have moved here reactions and feelings about the Play+ launch especially from the point of view of Polyend Play owners.

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So if Polyend made a 16 grid with dpad and a battery but with all that new power, and called it a “play mini” would there be less hate?

It seems harder to come to grips with change when the devices are identical, but that is polyend looking out and wanting to give back to the users.

Because ones timing is off is that Polyend’s fault. Did you want a personal call? Life happens… it sucks, and i am sorry. But Polyend heard you and is willing meet users somewhere in the middle.

That is pretty awesome from a small company.

Too much hate in the world make music and change that!

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well, all those wishes I wrote were for the product I’ll never have. sure, why make free updates, firmwares, when you can sell them with a new device just a year later – or, actually, not that new, considering the fact that none of the most upvoted wishes were not implemented anyway. as was noted above, 3 stereo minutes vs 6 mono is not an upgrade really. for 400$ you can grab a decent synth to pair with. faster samples loading… many devices (some cost a lot less, with stereo, too) don’t even have to load anything beforehand with memory limits.

waiting for Play++ next year. or how about a subscription?


as for the 50% off upgrade coupons… it would have much more sense if you share them with users who spent some time here on the backstage, who actually invested their time into discussions, made some suggestions, gave you feedback. let’s say, if user has N posts, he/she gets a discount.

and I’m not talking about myself, by the way – I sold my device a while ago, luckily (btw, do you want your customers to sell your device luckily?). and I’m not even talking about making 200$ upgrade price for everyone, that would be a lot more reasonable and fairer.

instead, you share them with bloggers who sell. nice move.


I got the impression that they talked to the Beta testers. I personally am ok with the upgrade price. I wish more companies did that.


Mitch my heart is not warmed to know my 5 month old Play is now a Legacy Play! That the hard earned money I spent for a new Play 5 months ago is now an antique and will cost me 400 more to upgrade so I can own the Play+ that eventually will cost 400 less than my 5 month old, new, Legacy. Can you Imagine my utter disappointment? Also the response time from support, regarding my now Legacy unit and the issues I have been experiencing, has been non existent. How long does it take to send an auto reply to acknowledge receipt of my support ticket?


Dear Polyend,

I was just considering buying the OG Play, and I feel lucky that I didn’t, so I understand people’s frustration.

I also understand the company’s intention to improve and move forward. There’s no way around it.


The way you did it, I think, was a bit unfair.

If the price of OG Play was initially 500 USD (as you are going to sell now, which means it is economically viable) and people were informed that the hardware upgrade was coming, it would be different.

Given the choice, I would still go for the OG, and some other people might have as well. Others might have chosen Play+.

Clear, fair, and simple.

Also, I don’t see the logic of helping out someone who bought the Play within 30 days and not within 35 days or so.

This is not to sound negative at all. Just my perspective, and I’m open to the idea that there might be an explanation for all these. I don’t know what’s going on within the company.

I like your products. I have Tracker Mini, which I love, although it needs workflow improvements, and you are listening to us, which is great.

I also appreciate you having this forum. I own a lot of gear but have never engaged in the development of updates.

I’m still considering buying the OG Play, given that it will also get updates.

Peace & Love,



This is a pretty shitty move imo. I bought my Play in April and have litterally only just stopped paying for it, now its worth hardly anything. Why? Will never buy another Polyend product.