Do You Want a Tracker+?

I’d absolutely love a Tracker+ and think many of us who have had the original one since 2020 would be in same boat, hopefully this is the year.

In the meantime however, I’m watching the development of this very familiar looking :eyes: portable Linux machine running Renoise and M8…


I would like to debate this bit of your comment, purely in a friendly and non confrontational way of course :blush: .

The OG Tracker has been officially announced in March 2020. So that’s almost 4 years ago now. We have seen a ton of updates and Polyend itself has stated that they are not done yet. So i personally think it’s a very good track(er)-record and i’m totally down / looking forward to a modern more capable successor…

… i’m excited, crossing my fingers and sending my prayers to the music gods so that we may know more soon :crossed_fingers: :pray: :heart:


It’s not really about wanting the newest gear, I can’t afford that kinda engagement, but also take a sec to compare it to other bits of gear. It’s a tough call, is all I’m saying, for someone who owns an original. Also I don’t quite get the car analogy, but I’m not able to own a car. Cars can be upgraded, right? If it’s ’as long as it does what it needs to’ then sure. But my feeling right now is it doesn’t, I waste a lot of time over a couple of the major limitations.

I do have fun with mine, my main pain point is how it handles, or doesn’t, stereo samples right now. I actually vibe with the limitations, even the memory usage, doing the old speed up samples and resample them, and enjoy the crunchy aliasing. I totally get the limitations of the hardware, and the mini isn’t for me (Too small) so with further updates I feel a + wouldn’t feel as necessary for me owning the original.

I dunno what my vibe is. I get the perspective, but I’m also not part of the ‘I’d preorder one today!’ group, and I’m not expressing myself well.

How about a Play mini with audio-in and sampling though ? :wink:

yes please :grin:

you made this yourself from a compute module 4 and some parts from amazon. i dig it i do the same with euro modules.

Just to clarify it’s not actually my project, I’m just following it’s progress - definitely looks cool! There’s more info on the Renoise forums

theres a ton of this going on in different places. hey its not that hard to do! its the danger of this kind of thing, i bet its hard to make a profit when there are so many easy to obtain solutions. but there is a time and place for everything! this is sorta why im worried there isnt enough incentive to release a tracker+

I would debate this and defend Lavendersoars argument:

4 years is nothing. Look at Waldorf Blofeld, Access Virus which discontinued only recently. They are 10 years old and still rocking. Blofeld is still being sold and bought, I got mine a few years ago.

Then compare this to Synthstorm Deluge which is also here for the long haul.

This said, OG tracker really does feel like beta test in some ways, but alas it is the most comfortable device I have used, user interface is just good.


long live the tracker!

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For owners of Mini and Play/Play+,
I created a Draft Wish to use Play/Play+ as a control surface for Tracker Mini, so you can have workflow similar to Tracker OG with power of the Mini :sunglasses:
:memo: Feel free to suggest the edit:


  • 8 midi channels for input/1st track 1st MIDI CHANNEL, 2nd track 2nd MIDI etc.
  • improved wavetable and granular synthesis
  • play only selected range of notes
  • presets in Instrument Properties - as you know properties capabilities are neverending in creating sound, you can change anything and the sample sounds different anytime, I know that I can load an instrument from a Sample loader, but it would be greater feature to have presets
  • presets for Perform, the perform list screen has 12 effects to be configured and controled, it would be nice to have two screens and switch between them in perform or have presets for this
  • main limiter improvement
  • when you are in Instrument Automation, I`d like to have custom Envelope for LFO, now there is only Rev Saw, Saw, Triangle, Square and Random, why not use Envelope together with LFO
  • pitch envelope and automation (finetune is just finetune)
  • bit depth to 1b
  • overdrive shape
  • smooth transitions between effects in Performance mode - when you push the button with lpf filter -50 and then -30 it jumps from -50 to -30. This could be a new feature, if the performance mode will go from -50 to -30 smoother, eg. -50,-49,-48,-47 to -30, in general config would be a speed of transition in ms or turn it off
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I think we all fell in love with the OG Tracker.

I’m late to the party only having a unit since 1.7 was rolled out. That went proper Pete Tong, bricked my brand new OG PT.

Anyway, I digress.

If you do make a Tracker Plus.

Do it properly, no messing about with under powered cpu and make it worthwhile for the users to actually want to upgrade or have an additional full sized work station tracker sequence experience.

Better FX, better mixer, max 16 channels. Not bothered about synths… Keep it sample based and not merging with Play + which would then mash up your product line.

Oh fix the bugs on the OG and don’t drop support for it Totally, this is what got people interested in your company. Not the BS marketing or shills.

Come in Polyend get your finger out.


The audio over USB was the main reason for me upgrading to the Play+. If the tracker added this feature I would definitely upgrade.


I’ve spent a lot of time making music with tracker, and after thinking a lot about tracker+, I believe that I regret what I said in this post. I think that tracker is perfect as is. It doesn’t need anything. You don’t need anything to make great music with it.

Sample time is enough for make great music.
Sequencer is awesome, don’t need more features.
It doesn’t need the synths of plus to make great music.
It doesn’t need anything more. My tracker has been absolutely stable almost all the time, I’ve used it on gigs, I’ve created songs in it, and for me, in my opinion, a plus version add more features to make lost of focus. I don’t know, I think now tracker OG is perfect.


I have to disagree on that one…

Although there are plenty of sample cd’s and sites, there are times you just want to do some sound design of your own.

I for one don’t currently have or plan to use external synths to use as sample fodder for the tracker, so the synth engines would provide those consumers who want to be fully immersed and self contained in the tracker environment that opportunity to sound design internally.

Adding synths to the tracker isn’t going to cause a person to lose focus, it’s just going to give them sounds of their own creation to use.

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I think it would be cool to add 8 tracks of audio recording - to bounce down to, record external gear, run through external gear etc and then resample from etc. And 8 tracks of dedicated midi tracks.

I have a Massive soft spot for the OG Tracker.

It reminds me off my Amiga 2000, which was fully maxed out as a serious Drum & Bass machine back in the day.

I was gutted when we had to switch over to Macs and early Cubase VST etc.

The Polyend Tracker is my favourite piece of gear in 40 years as an underground DJ/Producer

I just want more bug fixes now.

Have fun.


I mike to see too a tracker plus!
Audio via usb out
More bug fixes are’allways good!
Imore effects, chorus,flanger, ring mod…as example.
A faster and’stronger cpu and more ram!

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you were unlucky there. 1.6 wa solid… and it’s looking like 1.8 is a great update… 1.7 ws definitely a bit of a bump in the road

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