Do You Want a Tracker+?

like in last tune i made!AhaZgfYoOq1Pn-kRHErj_QGaw_gTQQ?e=0ZDsQf - więc takie coś jest do zrobienia na szybko jak polyend doda 8 ścieżek midi i sample stereo bez samplowania. Różnica pomiedzy tą wersja a obecym trackerem jest taka, że mogę to zsamplować do mono i będzie poprostu bardziej płasko.

(!AhaZgfYoOq1Pn-kSHNUK5wDlvFKS7g?e=34JeYU) - this sketch form today made in 8 tracks but stereo in renoise … its still i can and i want make on hardware tracker by polyend.

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How’s the tracker+ coming along guys? :wink:


If a Tracker+ is in the works, assuming a more powerful processor is available, can the wavetable synth and the sampler have the option of a 2nd oscillator slot to provide more sound design options.

The OG tracker form factor with the Mini upgrades is 100% what I want!
I second everything Aisjam said.
Namely the biggest features I would love are USB C audio, battery, and faster processing power.

Absolutely love the UI of the og Tracker, nothing else compares for me. I would be interested in upgrading my Tracker to Tracker+ for

  • stereo samples
  • more sample memory
  • heavy duty / rugged encoder
  • ability to pitch bend external gear via MIDI (slide up and slide down functions)
  • some additional assignable knobs would be appreciated for live performance

No need for built in synths for me personally. I’m happy with it as a sequencer / sampler. Could expand the granular engine. Also, I’ve feel like 8 tracks has been sufficient for me.


absolutely yes!! my two cents :

  • RGB pad
  • class compliant /audio over usb
  • stereo samples
  • more fx lines
  • enhanced wavetable
  • enhanced granular
  • separate MIDI tracks
  • 2x Assignable LFO’s per track
  • dedicated power port
  • synths … I already have the play + and I wouldn’t want the same synthesis engines, but complementary features!
  • internal mic and battery could cannabilize the tracker mini!!!


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