Do You Want a Tracker+?

like in last tune i made!AhaZgfYoOq1Pn-kRHErj_QGaw_gTQQ?e=0ZDsQf - więc takie coś jest do zrobienia na szybko jak polyend doda 8 ścieżek midi i sample stereo bez samplowania. Różnica pomiedzy tą wersja a obecym trackerem jest taka, że mogę to zsamplować do mono i będzie poprostu bardziej płasko.

(!AhaZgfYoOq1Pn-kSHNUK5wDlvFKS7g?e=34JeYU) - this sketch form today made in 8 tracks but stereo in renoise … its still i can and i want make on hardware tracker by polyend.

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How’s the tracker+ coming along guys? :wink:


If a Tracker+ is in the works, assuming a more powerful processor is available, can the wavetable synth and the sampler have the option of a 2nd oscillator slot to provide more sound design options.

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The OG tracker form factor with the Mini upgrades is 100% what I want!
I second everything Aisjam said.
Namely the biggest features I would love are USB C audio, battery, and faster processing power.

Absolutely love the UI of the og Tracker, nothing else compares for me. I would be interested in upgrading my Tracker to Tracker+ for

  • stereo samples
  • more sample memory
  • heavy duty / rugged encoder
  • ability to pitch bend external gear via MIDI (slide up and slide down functions)
  • some additional assignable knobs would be appreciated for live performance

No need for built in synths for me personally. I’m happy with it as a sequencer / sampler. Could expand the granular engine. Also, I’ve feel like 8 tracks has been sufficient for me.


absolutely yes!! my two cents :

  • RGB pad
  • class compliant /audio over usb
  • stereo samples
  • more fx lines
  • enhanced wavetable
  • enhanced granular
  • separate MIDI tracks
  • 2x Assignable LFO’s per track
  • dedicated power port
  • synths … I already have the play + and I wouldn’t want the same synthesis engines, but complementary features!
  • internal mic and battery could cannabilize the tracker mini!!!



As a new user of renoise I would love a hardware tracker version 2. If you develop this new product I would like for it to be a premium product with all the Inputs and outputs, feature rich, a bay to install a hard drive, just more of everything. Something along the lines of an mpc live (which I own) but with the tracker workflow. Something that can truly be the center of a studio. I expect it to be expensive but like the old saying goes; you get what you pay for.


TBH more than a tracker + I would need a tracker mini +.

I wish it had the same screen as the mini, a small rotary encoder or two instead of these + and - buttons, and the ability to add synths on it (just check the microdexed touch or the M8 for some ideas).

Other than that, if you add support for old amiga mod-med/tracker formats, that would mean the world to many of us still using 30 year old software on these machines, to make better music. Thanks

I also wouldn’t mind having a tracker daw on the computer alongside a tracker v2 to use it in controller mode like the mpc.

The tracker mini form factor but with pads and, of course, the tracker sequencer. Recording, chopping and effects from the MPC.

Oh yes.

aye, I wish the mini had pads. even like 2 rows of em or somit.


If we want more I/O, a bay to install a hard drive and such it definitely can’t be the size of a tracker mini. The tracker mini just came out and I’m sure at some point it will be updated, but I think the next product in the tracker line should be built on a larger format if we want all the bells and whistles.

m.2 drives are tiny


I love using my DAW, but I get so much more work done on my Tracker, and way quicker. My answer is a resounding YES!!!

Improvements that I can think of?

  1. A knurled jog wheel (This reminds me of working with my E-Mu, and I always tend to go the knob route when adjusting stuff).
  2. Integrated kickstand is a good idea, but I would give that up so I can have…
  3. An integrated battery. PLEASE!
  4. Class compliant USB to export multi-track playback.
  5. Upgraded circuitry for more tracks, samples and the sort. This is most important.
  6. Keep the radio… that thing is GOLD!
  7. True stereo workflow with option to collapse track to mono or a frequency hi-pass mono filter like Ableton’s Utility or Brainworks’ Mono Maker.
  8. Keep the pads, but cut their number by 1/2 and make them bigger (and add octave +/- buttons). I believe that will make them more usable for things like drumming and more comfortable playing.
  9. Keep mechanical keys… so satisfying and they really do feel good to click and clack as I’m working. It’s really cathartic and adds such a distinct flavor to the process. No controller buttons, please (maybe for the octave buttons… but that might add cost, so keep em mech).
  10. No buttons or ports on the side or bottom. Sometimes companies try this solution for ergonomics, but you defeat so many mounting options by not having 4 points of contact (sides, bottom, back).
  11. Lastly, I know it’s dumb… but very basic controller support. I’m guilty of button-mashing… I’d rather beat up a cheap external USB NES controller than my “They-should-only-be-used-for-creativity” buttons on the tracker.

I want to also add that if you want to lower the profile of the jogwheel… my thought would be to have a low profile thumb-wheel. Maybe flush-fit with a slight raise for the bowl of the thumb indent. That way you could also make the circumference smaller to be more ergonomical for thumb or finger rotations and you get back some real estate used up by the old knob. The only caveat I would add is to add provisions to keep the wheel from feeling wobbly.

Welcome to Backstage @the_ariel and what a thoughtful and thorough first post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I’m so with you on #1, #6 and #9 :love_you_gesture:

As an owner of a tracker original, a tracker+ would be a really tough pill to swallow. My experience with gear overall has been one of pretty much everything losing value over time. If a + were to come about I think justifying the existence of the original is important, otherwise it makes owners feel like hardware beta testers they forked over a small fortune for, and their original investment loses 2/3 its value and that’s harsh. On the surface yeah I’d love stereo sample playback, maybe a more sophisticated granular engine, more filter types, faster rendering and so on, but for the eventual price? I think I’d end up selling mine and moving on with my life. That said, I think there is still a lot of potential for further firmware improvements, more import options to allow for dedicated splitting of stereo samples, and maybe some more filter shapes, of different dB slopes, and perhaps even a comb filter to then use with note-follow modulation for rudimentary physical modelling fun.

But more likely, a Tracker +, and a paperweight of sorts. Yeah I’m torn. But I’m also in the class who can’t afford to sink thousands into a DAWless setup.

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The problem is in your thinking. The world doesnt stand still because you once invested in a product.
You have fear, that your’e losing money. Do you have the same feeling when you buy a car? You currently like the tracker OG and have fun with it. When a new one comes out, all of the sudden the fun is gone. Is your owned one worse or is it your thinking that you always need the newest gear and now dont have the best and latest? Polyend constantly updates year old products with fixes and new features. Everthing is going EOL. Time goes on. Live with it and use what you have, think about what you NEED and most important, have fun!