Do You Want a Tracker+?

nough said… yes.

Ok… będę pisał po polsku bo w sumie jestem z Polski i uważam, że skoro ja mogę ogarnąć angielski na poziomie podstawowym oraz google translator to zakładam, że wy też.

Fajne jest to podejście w polyend tracker, że efekty są przypisane do instrumentów, o ile dobrze pamiętam to tak było w mad trackerze, ale kurcze tak sobie myślę … że może jak by były wysyłki na poszczególnych kanałch (nie jakos tak że tak trzeba robić, ale w miarę podobnie jak w renoise) to się zastanawiam @all i @polyend czy to bardzo psuje spójność urządzenia jako, że ma być takie szybkie i to jest ok do zrobienia ale moze nie potrzeba bo po co komplikować ?, czy moze to fajna opcja by była , kurde fajnie by było mieć taką opcje, ale nie wiem czy jest mega potrzebna w sumie się zastanawiam … tryb pracy renoise jest bardzo daw, jest fajny ale to nie jest podejscie jak tracekr moim zdaniem … polyend tracker jest bardziej tracker workflow i nie wiem, z jednej strony z tymi wysylkami spoko pomysl z drugije nie bardzo … co wy o tym myślicie?

zamieszałem ? :wink:

Not at all… and yes, we can Google Translate or just use a AI to translate from polish :wink:

I think it makes sense that the effects are actually per instrument and not channel sends.
Since technically you could use ALL instruments on a single track/channel, but you may not want all the instruments affected by the sends you defined on said track/channel.

I’ll give my two cents here as well. Personally, I would prefer a Tracker+ with an additional 8 audio tracks for a total of 16. I don’t think the processing power for this is too absurd if a slightly better chip was used. The 8 additional tracks could be on a second page, and also be used for midi.

I would also like better destructive effects. I find the chorus, flanger etc hardly usable because they don’t sound good to me. I think improving the depth of the algorithm for these, and adding some presets would be amazing. I would like to see a chorus send FX as well.

Add more grains to the granular. Would also be nice to have a way to sync it to the BPM with N steps looping.

I could also see many quality-of-life improvements. For example:

  • The original tracker is prone to interference over the USB.
  • It would be nice if the position FX would interpolate between the old and new position for say 1 or 2ms so that you don’t hear a pop.
  • More bands for the EQ etc.
  • Perhaps some additional envelopes for the synths, and a reworking of the volume LFO.
  • Stereo width control of samples (should be possible even on the current ones maybe?)

I understand some of these are limited to the device processing power, but I think even a slight increase in processing power would open up a lot more possibilities. I do like the simplicity of the device in the end, so for me really the most helpful would be additional audio tracks, and hopefully the soon supported stereo line-in sampling. That way the tracker can always function as a multitrack tape recorder with precise chopping capabilities.


I’d put my hand up for higher quality offline fx too.
that would be most welcome :slight_smile:

Myślę, że twoje spojrzenie jest dobre. Kwestia która mnie martwi to taka ile chcemy wydac na nowego trackera … jezeli podobną cenę jaką ma teraz to ok , jeżeli więcej np o 1000 pln więcej (250$) to o tyle mocniejszy powinien być. Ja uważam tak. I to będą ciężkie słowa :wink: Czemu nowy tracker ma nie kosztować 2x tyle. Może kurde powinien być nowym octatrackiem. Może powinień być na tyle mocny, że używasz go latami jak octa. To jest dla mnie ciekawe pytanie czy powinniśmy mysleć o nowym trackerze w podobnym przedziale cenowym czy chlopaki z polyend chcą pograć z największymi w branży.

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ja to tak powiem moze ogólnie. Kocham trackery. moim zdaniem nowy tracker plus powinien byc bardziej wersja 2.0. czyms jak przesiadka z impulse trackera na renoise. Wtedy jestesm w stanier zaplacic nawet 2x tyle


even though i dont read polish, i agree whole heartedly

the OG is a good taste of what should be massively increased in tracker+


it’d be cool to have a set of say 4 endless encoders, that map to whatever is on screen (like on elektron devices),
so for example when you are on the filter page you could adjust attack, decay, sustain & release all at the same time. it would be quite nice for hands on control & UX :slight_smile:


I love my tracker and use it in most of the music I create. I’m not personally interested in adding any synths as I think the focus on samples is important for the identity of the tracker. If a tracker+ was released with things like extra fx lanes, a dedicated volume lane, more control of playback/instrument parameters via fx lanes/lfos/envelopes, real-time sample processing, a more feature-rich granular mode and maybe a small number of assignable encoders for easier manipulation of parameters that would be an insta-buy for me.

Also please don’t change anything about the headroom on the signal path. I love my horribly overdriven baby.


I think I agree with above.

Synths are cool but Tracker has an identity, and the focus of having to use samples is quite important I think. (Even for me who is more of a synth guy than a sample guy)

I’d just love one or two more FX lanes, stereo samples, multichannel usb and the mic! And the modulation a bit more expanded… LFO resets, a usable pitch envelope. M8’s modulation section is great. And relative parameter modulation rather than absolute.


sample based synths or synths whose output is a sample fit tho? offline synths wont really be part of the workflow when youre in the sequencer

Synths i wouldnt like for the tracker.
Offline synths would be great.

Would love to see a tracker+ someday, with more io, atleast 2 usb c ports.
Possibility to add an internal SSD drive and get rid of the sd card.
Someone suggested using the nes emulator for synths, I’d love to see that added.

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give it a vote!


First and foremost I would like to see a firmware update which gets rid of still existing bugs like for example “radio not working, using it freezes the unit”.
That would be great! Address all the reported bugs before throwing a new product on the market.

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The more I try to work in Renoise within the limits of the Polyend Tracker, the more satisfied I become. However, I use stereo samples and I can already see that it should change in Tracker+. So probably the amount of RAM too. For a sketch and a few bars this is what is now in a normal tracker (as you do mono) but in general it is not enough of this memory. So the main feature for me at the moment is RAM.

How do you use/change/undress Renoise if i might ask?
I always get lost in it.

I’m just trying to make sure that all the samples + sounds from my wavestate korg take less than 1mb. I hope that there will be an additional 8 midi tracks. For now, I’m doing it separately as a sound, which can be sampled on track 8. That’s why I use 7miu for everything else.The worst idea is that in renoise you have effects assigned to a specific track, but in tracker you don’t. That’s why in renoise I sometimes have more tracks, but only so that the drums can go into the reverb. But it’s still 8 tracks playing simultaneously and 8 sounds at once.

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