Do You Want a Tracker+?

I’d like to see a new Tracker that is different. For me a Dream Tracker would combine features I love from other devices:
MC-707 features: DJ Filter knob on the output, sliders of any size, rotary encoders, more effects.
GAIA 2/Polypulse features: Touch screen effects, parameter changes
Octatrack Features: XY fader to fade parameters from one setup to another

This is my Dream Tracker!

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In the last few months, I’ve bought a Play, Play+, and Tracker Mini. So I guess you could say I’m pretty invested in the Polyend ecosystem.

I’d like to see a Tracker+, but only if it was a long-term commitment you could stand by and support for years going forward.

I say this 100% out of love for your products: Polyend is (unfairly, IMO) being associated with releasing gear and then abandoning it after a short time period. The narrative, true or not, is already spreading out there on the internet, and snarky comments like ‘I’ll wait for the Play++ to come out in 3 months’ get easy upvotes on Reddit, Elektronauts, and YouTube. I personally don’t think it’s justified, but a Tracker+ release too soon might add fuel to the fire and turn what could just be a fleeting ‘villain of the week’ sort of thing into a long-term brand issue.

So with this in mind, I’d love to see your product line up have some time to mature and receive some big firmware updates. Not just bug fixes and workflow tweaks, but new features and synth engines. Look at Elektron, for example. The Octatrack, A4, and Rytm are all a decade old now. The Digitakt has been around for almost 7 years. But the support and commitment to these machines means they still feel current.

If you could do something similar with your core range (Play+, Tracker+, Tracker Mini) for say, the next 5 years, I think you’d have an excellent platform to work from. And it would go a long way towards building trust and creating a better Polyend community. :slight_smile:

The Play+ is fantastic. The Tracker is, IMO, the best portable workstation on the market today. If you can find ways to keep this platform feeling fresh and exciting then you’re going to be in a great position.


Never happened to me and I use it all the time.


Or at least a MKII at some point. The thing I care about most is build quality. Spare no expense on making these things beautiful, solid, and durable.


CPU and RAM. As for sampling, I don’t care if I have to work on a computer and save to the card there. On the other hand, stereo sampling is probably simply a software update. Right?

All I would need to be happy is for a firmware update to the Tracker Mini that adds an FM synth.


Yes, its limited by hand via firmware because of hardware limitations

No. Focus on Tracker Mini and Play+.


I mean, it seems to me that the guys (poleynd guys) have been improving tracker for a very long time and here this equipment does not differ much in this matter from elektronauts gear (for sure support is longer than from roland or korg). I guess they wanted to make the tracker as a cheap device and I think it was more successful than they expected. Just increasing the amount of ram, processor, stereo samples or even midi tracks is in my opinion such an upgrade that maybe someone will spend more money to buy a tracker+ (like me), then its plus for me not version 2.On the other hand, designing a new device with a battery, I don’t know, adding more fx line so that it is the same or more than in digitakt and upgrading the tracker itself (which has a lot of capabilities anyway) is rather a difficult decision for the guys. Because the tracker approach is not as obvious as it turns out after a week or two. Elektronauts equipment has always been considered difficult, and note that no one says at the beginning of the review that it’s old-fashioned like a tracker or something at the beginning of the review. And in fact, elektronauts gear is a tracker in mind. I hope that polyend guys will make cool equipment (tracker+ or tracker v2) and I think I’ll rely on them because I’m really proud that it’s Polish equipment and they have cool ideas. Sorry im drunk a bit :wink:



This is surprisingly coherent drunk interneting. Thank you and keep up the good work.


And how about something like this, so that there are 8 tracks, but the polyphony is bigger, so that you can make music like in impulse tracker. In the sense that the release of the note continues on the same track.
This can make better pads for example. Propably its less CPU than soft synths.

me too.

my great grandmother was Polish

(I’m Irish but) :slight_smile:

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you nailed it!

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sampling over usb would be a key feature on a new full size tracker. i mean if you can sample from your daw AND send midi to the daw, its game over honestly. of course other limits would be nice to get rid of like 48 samples? give us 512 samples and 8gb sample ram! make this a flagship and im sure heads will buy it. make it cumulative if you can, keep a code base, maybe allow coders to build features or dsp processes… they could add draw to your machine and take pressure off of your team. people want to be enthused and involved. tracking is forever! or at least has been forever.

i am enthused. ill buy a new one with blown up features!


forgot to add: this time longer (512) patterns please

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Related, and I still think the same about Polyend products in general, not only the Trackers.

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if it has:
an internal battery.
play+ synths.

id be interested :slight_smile:

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Longer samples in stereo would cover my needs :slight_smile: I’m using the tracker with a Tascam Model 12, and currently recording guitar and bass tracks on the Model 12. With more memory I could record that to the tracker instead which would be a better workflow for me and allow for more interesting processing and effects. I’m considering a mini but I really like the jog wheel and the mechanical switches of the original Tracker.

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I have a new idea, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to explain it well.
I’m testing myself on Renoise to see how the polyend tracker might work, because I don’t have my own yet (I was supposed to buy one for my birthday but now I’m waiting for the tracker+ ;)). There is a separate master track in Renoise. Maybe it would be nice to make a master track like this, where you can just apply effects from list (e.g. cut off, volume, tempo ect). Everything you already have is a list of available effects. You know just send all 8 tracks to this one and you can apply effects in effect columns.