Do You Want a Tracker+?

We’ve noticed a substantial number of comments asking for a Tracker+ release, prompting us to open up a discussion about it. While we’ve considered the idea, it’s important to note that a Tracker+ release would likely differ significantly from the Play+ upgrade. Currently, we don’t have plans to implement upgrade paths for our products in the future. This would be particularly challenging for a Tracker to Tracker+ upgrade due to the numerous hardware revisions involved.

We’d like to hear your thoughts here on a possible Tracker+. Many have expressed a desire for a Tracker Mini in the original Tracker form factor, and while this is a viable option, the associated cost would be higher than that of the Tracker Mini. Importantly, this doesn’t imply that the Tracker is being discontinued. Your opinions and feedback are welcome below!


At a first glance, yes, this would be very interesting. But it also depends on what the actual price would be.

Yes, Yes and Yes!! (synth engines, ahem :upside_down_face:)


Big yes from me with the Polyend Tracker+!

I still have and will always have a soft spot for the original tracker due to its immediate accessibility with everything just a button away. It feels like an underrated gem.

That said, a chip upgrade for faster processing and expanded memory for stereo samples would be a game-changer. You have the new synth engines now and having a bit of a play on the Play+, they would complement to the sample engine lots.

a tracker+ would definitely hit that all in one box. like the tracker its something i plan to make a lot of music for and take it on stage.

One major wish for any tracker is for a live way to manipulate the sound. While the performance screen is handy, having assignable macros like Instrum 3 > Delay/Release — with a dedicated control would be fantastic. I’ve submitted several ideas to the backstage wishlist for the tracker, so I won’t go into detail here.

last point. if feasible… a reduced price for the original tracker. Mostly to make hardware trackers more accessible to a broader audience. Looking back on that mass sale (cant remember the store but it was like 30% to 40%), I remember it was a couple of dollarydoos more than the microfreak.


YES! This would be great!

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I mean… do i even have to say something? :joy:

I would like to see in a future a tracker+ but with limitations. The limitations of the original is what make it special and more focused and more choices equals less focus. The synth parts of the Play+ would be awesome, but not filling the space of the eight tracks. I don’t mind for stereo samples, maybe a little bit more of sample memory per project, only two effects please and record automation across the patterns in song mode would be killer.

It depends on the price too. I wouldn’t spend more than the Play+, which I just bought.

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I’d love to see the original tracker get an upgrade. The quality of life improvements from the Mini/Play+ would be a welcome addition to the OG tracker format.

I agree with @Aisjam that it would be nice to see more performance fx/controls or the addition of macros.This is definitely a longshot, but it would be cool to see an internal battery or midi host capability. Whatever the improvements are, I’m sure we’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

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Also side ask feature creep. give it a dock using pogo pins. so you can drop it into the studio or pick it up and make music on the go. :slight_smile:


Obviously, there is a demand for it, but how about integrating Play (OG or +) with Tracker Mini in such a way that you can use the Play’s endless encoder and grid/buttons to operate Tracker Mini in the same way that you would Tracker OG?


Just a honest and humble plea; Please keep the Radio in the Tracker+


Depending on the cost and upgrade path, I would very much be interested.

If it involves a faster processor - my first feature request would be for some level of optional interpolation when moving the position of a wavetables.

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I was thinking that if you add synth engines to tracker+, stereo samples and more space for samples per project, there’s no need for people to buy a Play+. Play+ is a sample and synth player and Tracker+ would be a sample and synth player and a sample recorder, so it would eat a piece of Play’s cake ( sorry for the English).

I’d say no. Finish/fix the Mini and Play+ first


Props for simply asking the question. Not too often we see companies ask the community. I might be interested just on this principle alone.


Where do we vote? :laughing:
Definitely in!

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I like the idea. In a Tracker+ I would like to see implemented 2 major things:

1)SAMPLING POWER: spiced up all the sampling features that could be missing now or could be improved. For example, the most important would be the possibility to get the effect of any sample modification live (as for example in a Digitakt or some other samplers) without have to apply it to the sample or select a preview. And an integrated MIC.

  1. Horizontal view/Bigger screen: As I discussed a couple of years ago on the old Github forum, could be nice to have a bigger horizontal view (at leat 16 steps an not only 12) for all the TR-minded people like me that love to sequence in a classical way (I know 80’s trackers veterans find this blasfeme…but we discussed the topic vastly and don’t want to explain it again…). This could be implemented having an option to reduce the fonts/elements or with a bigger screen.


As a selfish Play Plus user interested in Polyend’s sustainability, I wish they can move from being a products company to a platform company (launching products based on the same underlying platform). This is a very difficult chasm to cross, and platform development is very complex, but as an innovative company you can be in a much better place.

If a Tracker+ would be a(nother?) stepping stone in that direction, and a sustainable business in its own, then please bring one even if some of us won’t buy it. :slight_smile:

There is ample proof that these two products are so different and call to mostly different (if neighboring) audiences regardless of how similar the feature sets might be on paper. They are like night (Tracker) and day (Play). :wink:


Yes, i still don’t have a play but during a lot of time I was thinking about I didn’t need a play owning a tracker. For me, Play was a model: samples more advanced… I’m talking as a customer that only had a tracker.

Polyend needed to demonstrate me that it was a good idea to purchase a play; although I saw a lot of videos, read the manual, etc of the play they didn’t convince me until now with Play+

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There’s a good chance I’d be interested if it had more sample pool memory, a bomb proof encoder, and a nice large glossy screen. Is there a way to get MPE pads?
I do like the idea of the internal battery from the mini.