Offline synths for sample creation

Just like there are games available to play, we could use a few offline synths or sound effects apps that allow you to press a random generator button and hear a sound generated on the spot, then choose whether to keep it or discard. of course it wouldnt need to be only ‘random’, there might even be a few freeware synths out there that would fit the bill!

What is the problem?

no problem

What do you want to achieve?

more standalone functionality, more variety of sound

Are there any workarounds?

using a computer and juggling the sd card back and forth

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

the ensoniq asr-x pro had an offline drum synth called stomper included so you could synthesize drums and tones that could then be used as samples.

one upload utility for the volca sample that runs on ipad includes a ‘sound fx’ synth with a random button and you can get a ton of good sounds just by tapping next until you hear something you like. at the very least, it would keep users eyes on your device and we get to push clicky buttons more often! bonus!


That is actually an excellent idea! Thank you for a very well written wish too :kissing_heart:


@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:


Maybe unrelated but I totally recommend getting a yamaha FGDP-50 for drum sampling/re-sampling, and as a practice/reference tool. Probably the best and most affordable AND portable kit I’ve ever had.

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I love this idea. it would be great on the play+ too.

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Some of these are very very good.
Including randomizer and quicksave to .wav

The code is up there too.
If some of these would be implemented :boom:

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Something like the “Convolver” from Renoise would be great in this category. Convolve one file with another for unique reverberations or sound design.


yes I came here to suggest that and an offline vocoder that also selects another file to process the selected file with. I feel like having techniques available that are inherently sample based it keeps the machine a bit tighter thematically

yes! Renoise has a lot of external tools for generate sounds, glitches and etc, my favorite is this one - Rezonator | Renoise. If this appears in the tracker in the future, that will be very cool!